Daily Post For years, I walked in your shadow  And I felt so shallow  Your words stung like an arrow  And like a bitter pill, I had to swallow Life was full of sorrow  And the road looked narrow  Till the sun came through the window So bright and yellow  Then I realized I had … More Shadow


So today is World Poetry Day and all over the world, people are sharing poems. I’m not a poet. I’ve never tried my hands at poems but here is my first shot at it. I hope it’s cool. Lol To say we’re in love is dangerous But to deny it is preposterous This love we … More Dangerous

Random Girl

And so he walked up to me and asked “What kind of girl are you?” I replied: I ain’t a trendy girl The typical fashionista Who owns the latest shoes and clothes With perfect hair and nails With makeup always on point And abreast with all kinds of fashion tips I ain’t a tomboy The … More Random Girl