Bricks Of Our Lives 

 Daily Post We met as strangers, with no idea what the future held for us We became friends and had our fair share of good and bad times Along the line, we fell in love And here we are today With the bricks of our lives right before us As we take our vows,…



Daily Post For years, I walked in your shadow  And I felt so shallow  Your words stung like an arrow  And like a bitter pill, I had to swallow Life was full of sorrow  And the road looked narrow  Till the sun came through the window So bright and yellow  Then I realized I had…

Coloured Emotions

When I look at you,  I feel so blue Red with rage,  You left me embarrassed  Green with envy,  I hardly feel balanced  And yellow, like bananas,  I'm going crazy



So today is World Poetry Day and all over the world, people are sharing poems. I'm not a poet. I've never tried my hands at poems but here is my first shot at it. I hope it's cool. Lol To say we're in love is dangerous But to deny it is preposterous This love we…


Random Girl

And so he walked up to me and asked “What kind of girl are you?” I replied: I ain’t a trendy girl The typical fashionista Who owns the latest shoes and clothes With perfect hair and nails With makeup always on point And abreast with all kinds of fashion tips I ain’t a tomboy The…


An acrostic poem for my mum

My mum means a lot to me. She's my everything. She's my inspiration, sister, friend, chef, advisor, role model, teacher and coach and on this special occasion of her birthday, I want to dedicate this acrostic poem to her. LETICIA L is for Laudable, the things you do E is for Extrovert, a very sociable…


The God Of All Seasons

People have many attributes for God but to me, He’s the God of all seasons He’s the rainfall in my summer When the sun comes out And is scorching, He’s the refreshing rain That quenches my thirst He’s the green in my autumn When leaves turn brown and weak And fall off trees He’s the…