And so he walked up to me and asked “What kind of girl are you?”
I replied:

I ain’t a trendy girl
The typical fashionista
Who owns the latest shoes and clothes
With perfect hair and nails
With makeup always on point
And abreast with all kinds of fashion tips

I ain’t a tomboy
The type found mostly among guys
Who loves to walk and talk like them
Dresses up in plain and unisex clothes
Enjoys video games of all kinds
And loves anything related to sports

I ain’t a girly girl
The type who’s obsessed with pink
Who loves to dress in matching clothes
Owns a lot of colorful stuff
Loves to shop and keeps a diary
And is very prim and proper

He laughed out loud and said, “So what kind of girl are you then?”
I smiled and replied;

I’m a random girl
The type who doesn’t fit into any stereotype
I’m unique and have my own style
I can be trendy, tomboyish or girly anytime
I’m simple and just go with the flow
I switch my style whenever I want
I’m my own kind of girl


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