Mystery Cookies 6

The story so far….. Catherine, the daughter of the owner of Bliss Ghana Limited, has been receiving cookies from an anonymous person and although everyone around her finds it cute and romantic, she finds it creepy and is bent on finding who it is. Comfort Aning, Catherine’s overbearing and annoying boss, is also locking horns … More Mystery Cookies 6

Mystery Cookies 5

If you’re new to Mystery Cookies, you can start from here: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. Now, to today’s chapter. Catherine turned on her laptop to check her mails for the day. There was a thank you mail from Mandy Quaye, the host of the “Cook Away” show. She smiled after reading it. Her attention was … More Mystery Cookies 5

Mystery Cookies 4

Catherine opened her eyes slowly as the rays of sun shone on her face through her window. She stretched lazily, yawned and rubbed her eyes and wondered why she was so tired. Memories of the previous night suddenly came rushing through her mind and she immediately sat up. She remembered how close the HR manager … More Mystery Cookies 4

Mystery Cookies 3

Hey there guys, I want to start by rendering an apology for not being able to publish the third part of Mystery Cookies last Friday. I had series of tests to write and didn’t get enough time to write. This post is specially dedicated to Nii Lante and Lizzy, for being on on my case … More Mystery Cookies 3

Mystery Cookies 2

Are you new to Mystery Cookies? Read the first part here. Welcome on board. “And it’s a wrap! Let’s go for lunch, ladies” Agyeiwaa said and dropped her pen on the table. “Accurate time keeper. Thanks for the reminder. I really need this break” Lariba said and gave Agyeiwaa a thumbs up. Catherine was still typing when … More Mystery Cookies 2

Mystery Cookies

Catherine heaved a sigh of relief when she pulled up in the car park. After being stuck in that hell of a traffic, she was glad she had finally made it to work. She hated Monday mornings and all the stress that it came with. She looked at the time. 8.42 am. She sighed again … More Mystery Cookies