“You are too tall.”
“Where did you get that height from?”
“You look ridiculous in those heels.”
“Your legs are too long.”

Those are just a few of the annoying comments that come your way when you are tall; making it seem like it’s your fault that you’re tall. Growing up, I faced a lot of challenges regarding my height especially teasing from friends and relatives just because I was a few inches taller than they were. All tall girls out there face these problems and it can be very frustrating sometimes.

It’s not easy, especially when you are always the tall one in the group. From having difficulties in choosing trousers, long sleeved shirts, sweaters and maxi dresses, through finding it difficult crossing your legs under a desk or making uncomfortable bus or car journeys due to not having enough space to stretch your legs to slouching or bending your head when you find yourself in a room with a low ceiling. Having to face the trouble of being judged for wearing heels and sometimes turning down dates just because we are inches taller than our dates, is also just another source of worry. And the picture up there is the prayer of most of us tall girls, funny and true, right?

Regardless of these problems, being tall is awesome and in my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. With motivation, the right attitude and the confidence in embracing who you are, you can turn things around in your favour. Let me share my story of how I overcame my low self esteem associated with my height. I used to feel inferior to my friends and always slouched anytime I walked. I hated maxi dresses and heels especially. I coiled into a shell and always felt out of place. This became a source of worry to my mother since she was proud of her only daughter and wanted the best for me and always wanted me to look good. So it was a conscious effort she made to bring me out of that shell, motivating and encouraging me to accept the way I was created by God. Today, at a height of 5’10, I walk head and shoulder high, rock heels like nobody’s business and wear maxi dresses. And yes, I don’t look awkward in them. It’s all about believing in you and taking time in choosing the right clothes and shoes.

With this positive image, I’ve achieved a lot. I’ve been an athlete before. I’ve been in the cadet before. I’ve been in a fashion show before. I keep receiving offers from various modeling agencies. Those friends and family members who used to tease me now encourage me to participate in beauty pageants. I get people compliment me on my height every now and then. Some tell me to join the police or army. Offers to be a protocol at events come my way once in a while. And all these came about due to the way I carry myself. But then there are those who just can’t accept the way I am and throw silly and annoying comments my way, but I don’t get bothered. Not everyone is going to accept who I am anyway.

Your height is a plus to you. It all depends on how you embrace and make good use of it. Never feel shy or inferior about that height. Ever heard of height increase therapies and exercises? This just goes to show that there are people out there who would do anything to get their height increased. You’ve got it, so flaunt it. Go all out and you will be amazed at the number of things you can do with it. And don’t be afraid to rock those heels. Who says tall girls can’t wear heels?! Remember, being tall is being graceful.


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