tro-troWe have all at a point, boarded a public transport vehicle which is popularly known here in Ghana as TroTro. And it is really surprising the kind of things that go on in these vehicles. I’ve observed these funny and sometimes strange happenings for some time now to the extent that I can’t keep them to myself any longer. Haha. And I’m sure some of us have experienced some of these events too and will relate with me.

Right from the moment a typical TroTro moves after loading, to its destination, all sorts of characters come on board. There are the extremely loud ones which I’ve classified under three categories. Those under the first category will choose to engage in a conversation with the people sitting around them and shout to draw everyone’s attention. (Public speakers are not needed in our commercial vehicles for heaven’s sake) The second category comprises those who receive phone calls and scream into the phone as if the person on the other end of the phone is many kilometers away from them. Such people really annoy me. Argh! The third category comprises those who choose to play loud music on their Chinese phones as if they are DJs in a disco or night club. (What is the use of earphones?)

Then there are those who choose to turn the TroTro into their bedrooms and sleep like no one’s business. Some can sleep and have their heads swaying in every direction inconveniencing those sitting by them in the process. Not forgetting the eavesdroppers and nosy ones who listen in on people’s conversations, especially phone conversations as if it concerns them. Others too will stretch their necks to see what you are doing on your phone or what you are putting or taking out of your bag. Eeii. Others also decide to turn the TroTro in a dining hall annex and eat in it. Like how? What happened to all the manners and etiquettes we were taught in school?

Then of course there is a group of people who I’ve named the TroTro politicians and lawyers who strictly discuss politics and freely and openly criticize and even insult some of our politicians. Ghana is really a free country oo. And it’s amazing how some of these people are so ignorant judging by some of their remarks. Hmm. Then there are the quarrelsome and sharp tongued ones who get angry at the least provocation and throw insults and profane words all around. Some can even throw hefty blows around. (TroTro kung fu fighters and ninjas). And of course there are those with serious body and mouth odour. The smell that emanates from the armpits and hair extensions of some passengers can really be something else. Awurade. That reminds me of Sydney’s “Scent No” song. Haha.

Hmm! I cannot talk about all these people without mentioning the attitude of some of the drivers and their conductors, popularly known as ‘mates’. Some of these drivers can be very reckless throwing tantrums about and profane words to their fellow drivers and sometimes at the passengers. Some also disregard road signs and regulations including over speeding and overtaking. With the mates, some can be really disrespectful. Ei. They can throw insults about anyhow. And some of them too are proper thieves. Kwԑ! Woe betide you if you forget to remind them of your change. They will take it like no man’s business. And I’ll repeat what I said earlier about the body and mouth odour. Some of these mates don’t practice personal hygiene at all. Some look so dirty and unkempt carrying around hair that hasn’t been to the barber for months. And when they stretch their hands to collect the fares, it’s such a horrid sight. (Unshaved smelly armpits). Hmm. Some also intentionally pull their shorts or trousers way down to display unclean boxers and underpants; the reason for doing that, only God knows.

On the other lighter side, there are the lively and jovial passengers who will make you laugh with their jokes and funny comments. Some passengers can be very affable and helpful, offering to give advice and laudable suggestions during discussions, displaying a high level of smartness and maturity. Some of the drivers too can be very patient and understanding. Some mates can be very kind, honest and respectful. Trotro discussions can really be fun when you encounter such interesting people especially during football seasons and general elections.

All these characters make sitting in a TroTro sometimes fun and sometimes very annoying and believe it or not, we all fall under one of the calibers of people mentioned above. The question is WHERE DO YOU BELONG? I know there are some events that happen in the TroTro that I’ve forgotten to mention or failed to take notice of. Kindly share it with me and let’s have a good laugh. Your comments are most welcome.


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