Guys! Good news! There are guest bloggers from Sleeicktales who are about to wow you in the next few weeks with this amazing story called ‘Steps of Falling In Love’ which premieres on 26th June, 2017. Let me not talk much. Here’s an interview of the protagonists of the story. Enjoy, and let’s meet next week. 

HOST: Welcome to another edition of Sleeicktalks where we engage our most beloved protagonists in riveting conversations about everything you truly want to know about them. As always, I’m your host, AJANAKU. Before we kick in, some words from our sponsors.

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Sleeicktales, creating worlds with words.

AJANAKU: Now that the bills have been settled, let’s begin. On June 26th, 2017 Sleeicktales will begin S.O.F.I.L, Steps Of Falling In Love, a romance series sure to resonate with literally everyone out there.After the success of both Unraveling and Shola, the writers at Sleeicktales are fast becoming a household name. With me right now are the protagonists! Welcome Jeremiah Okaro and Sarah Aniekan.

SARAH (Cheerily): Happy to be here!

JEREMIAH (resigned sigh): Speak for yourself, I had work to do.

SARAH (Playful side eye): So did I, babe, so did I.

AJANAKU: So hmm…you aren’t happy to be here?

JEREMIAH:  I just need to get back to my…

SARAH: I swear if you say kitchen one more time.

JEREMIAH: (chuckles, surrendering) Sorry.

AJANAKU (shuffling nervously): Okay. So first question. The last romantic tale Sleeicktales told showed spunk. We still love the characters, JJ, Leah, Ter, Dr. Sulo, Emeka, Mamita and so on. How do you think you guys match up?

JEREMIAH: I think we do pretty well if I do say so myself. I think people will love us more. We’re more endearing.

SARAH: I agree! We’re cute. We’re sweet. We’re lighter. None of that heavy, crazy business.

AJANAKU (about to speak):…

SARAH (interrupts): And our love story is veeeery different from that of JJ and Leah. I mean they are both love stories but ours is slightly more universal. Universal…ly systematic, if you get. Everyone follows the steps we follow. Probably not in the same order but at some point or the other you have to deal with what we dealt with and experience what we experienced.

AJANAKU: I like that. A true love story told by prose-masters.Jer your character is the ultimate boyfriend, or so we’ve been told. How do you manage that?

JEREMIAH: Always make it about her… And she’s always right.

AJANAKU: (laughs) I can see what they mean now.  Side note, if there’s a cross-over with Unraveling Jer, do you think you’d retain your name when there’s already a Ter?

JEREMIAH (laughing heartily): I’m the lead. He’s supporting.

SARAH: He’s hot though. Gave JJ a run for his money.

JEREMIAH (firmly): Wouldn’t mind a romantic scene or two with Leah Abba.

SARAH (huge smile): And I will kill you.

AJANAKU (laughing nervously): I see there’s so much…palpating chemistry between you both. Tell me Sarah, what’s your best part in the story?

SARAH: Hmm…The end? I won’t spoil it for you.

AJANAKU (laughs)You’re just trying to get us to the end.

SARAH: I admit it, but it’s so worth it, I promise.

AJANAKU: When does it come out again?

SARAH: End of June. 26th. Publicity has gone out though.

AJANAKU: Amazing. I can’t wait for June 26th anymore. Talk about the authors Jer.

JEREMIAH: Well we have Aliya Abdullahi and Damaris Lane, both Sleeicktales writers who are off the chain! They wrote both myself and Sarah interchangeably and no reader would be able to tell the difference. What makes them stand out the most is their understanding of the male and female psyche in regards love and romance.

AJANAKU: Sleeicktales is known for their great storytelling wrapped in fluid prose so I don’t expect anything less. One final thing. For the readers. Should we be expecting a sequel to S.O.F.I.L…or should we wait for that of Unraveling to come out first?

SARAH (chuckling): You all should read S.O.F.I.L first and determine whether or not we need a sequel. (Whispers) I vote yes.

That aside, Sleeicktales has completed the first draft of a poignant drama with so much heartache that I’m glad I’m not in it. You guys should look forward to that. There’s so much action and pain, love and family in it. Quite beautiful. They have a lot of other projects. Some completely new and others bringing back some of the characters you loved and have been clamoring for more page time (such as the one the ladies love whose name rhymes with Jer).

JEREMIAH: Well said darling. It would be great to return in S.O.F.I.L 2 but I’m content just seeing the rest of the work coming from this brilliant team.

AJANAKU: Well readers, we’re out of time. You’ve read what the protagonists had to say. Now what are you waiting for? Sign up on for updates about the coming series, sequels, and of course each weekly installment of S.O.F.I.L. Also follow on IG & Twitter: @sleeicktales. #sofil

Remember, S.O.F.I.L premieres June 26th, 2017. Make it a date.

This has been Ajanaku of Sleeicktalks, we’ll talk later.



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