This is my 100th blog post. Whoop! It feels like I started this blog just yesterday. I’m so grateful to you all for stopping by from time to time and motivating me to keep posting. I have a special something for you to celebrate this milestone. Keep scrolling.

Happiness has different meanings to each individual. To me, happiness lies in the little things; routine activities, the people around me, conversations and my observations. To celebrate my 100th post milestone, I have decided to give you a peek into my life by presenting to you 100 things that make me happy. In no particular order, here we go:

1. Good food, hot food, spicy food. In fact, FOOD

2. Weddings (traditional weddings especially)

3. Parties 

4. Music from the 80s

5. Cakes (chocolate cakes especially)

6. Everything about Christmas (carols, movies, outings)

7. The smell of freshly baked bread 

8. The sight of autumn leaves 

9. Adorable little children 

10. The colour royal blue

11. Taking pictures. Selfies especially.

12. Anything made from ripe plantain (kelewele, “Kofi Brokeman”)

13. Guava juice

14. Spending time with close friends 

15. Gossip sessions with my mum

16. The chance to dress up and step out

17. Me times (staying away from people for a while)

18. Road trips

19. The smell of fried eggs

20. Shoes (heels especially)

21. Books (adventure, detective)

22. Thoughtful people (hearing “I thought you’d like this so I got it for you)

23. Pretty Little Liars (Hannah’s my favourite)

24. Korean series

25. Getting compliments on my height 

26. My mother’s Jollof 

27. Any song by Bruno Mars

28. Palm nut soup

29. Animations (Lion King remains my favourite)

30. Firecrackers 

31. Birthdays and anniversaries 

32. Cooking

33. Late night conversations 

34. Guys who smell good 

35. Hot chocolate drink

36. Neat and beautiful handwriting 

37. Finding money in my pocket unexpectedly

38. Jeans that fit perfectly 

39. My golden necklace 

40. Smart and knowledgeable people 

41. The sound of flowing water

42. Yam and garden egg stew

43. Honey Bunches of Oats (with almonds)

44. Little black dresses 

45. Micro braids 

46. Knee length dresses 

47. Any song by Kojo Antwi

48. Men who can cook and sing

49. Changing into comfortable clothes at the end of the day

50. Very hot waakye and shito 

51. Fried yam and fish

52. Perfumes and fragrances

53. Identical twins 

54. Dimples 

55. Pleasant surprises

56. Tossing myself onto my bed after a long day.

57. Chicken wings 

58. Pizza 

59. Indomie 

60. The smell in the air when it’s about to rain

61. Feeling the rain on my face

62. Feeling the wind blow over my face in a speeding bus.

63. Opening gifts

64. This blog, and all the encouraging comments it comes with

65. The first bite of a meal

66. Handwritten notes 

67. A star studded sky

68. Hoops and dangling earrings

69. Bible teachings

70. Finishing a task on my bucket list 

71. Family reunions 

72. Deep and intellectual conversations 

73. Planning events 

74. Spontaneous outings

75. Guitars, Violins and Pianos 

76. Koobi 

77. Clean sheets 

78. Hanging out with my girls 

79. Kicking off my shoes after a long day 

80. Baby feet

81. Occasional unplugging

82. Black and white photos 

83. The smell of books

84. Polka dots 

85. Streets with cobblestones 

86. Laughing until I can’t breathe 

87. Free and fast wifi

88. Barbecue 

89. People who say thank you 

90. Photo booths 

91. When people get excited to see me and they scream 

92. My little niece, Jayda

93. Grilled chicken 

94. Hitting the publish button when I’m done editing a post

95. Jazz music 

96. Bubbles, confetti and balloons 

97. Volunteering 

98. Being excited about something the night before it happens and not being able to sleep

99. Pachelbel’s Canon (that’s definitely going to be my wedding march)

100. Spending time with God.

Oh and there’s a bonus:

101. Finishing this list.

Yeah, so those are a hundred of the many things that make me happy. Happy 100th blog post to this blog. (if that even makes sense. Lol.) Hurray!! Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “100th Post: 100 Things That Make Me Happy. 

  1. 33. Late night conversations (the only way to live)
    34. Guys who smell good (instantly more attractive)
    82. Black and white photos (my life story)
    51. Fried yam and fish (really, anything fried)
    60. The smell in the air when it’s about to rain (nuttin nuh smell cleaner)
    Are my favs. #SoulmateVibez #Happy100 #KeepingItConsistentIsTheGoal #BadSo #UPUPUP
    — Bless

    Liked by 1 person

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