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I have also decided to jump on the 30 Things To Do Before 30 bandwagon and it has been fun listing all the things I wish to achieve in the few years I’m left with before hitting 30. Some of them seem wild and weird and some have been dreams I’ve had in memory for quite a while now. Hopefully, I’d have achieved if not all, most of them before my 30th birthday. To serve as a check, any time I accomplish one of them, I’ll come back to this post and strike it off. In no particular order, here’s my list;

1. Visit all the 10 regions of Ghana. 5 down, 5 more to go.

2. Get married.

3. Travel to Disneyland.

4. Walk on a runway.

5. Finish reading the whole Bible.

6. Have a photo shoot in the traditional attires of different cultures (sari, kimono and hanbok especially)

7. Own a car.

8. Become a Chartered Accountant.

9. Own a restaurant and catering service.

10. Be someone young girls could look up to.

11. Go camping far away from home with a group of friends.

12. Learn how to use chopsticks.

13. Taste most of the dishes I’ve been seeing in Korean series, kimchi especially.

14. Star as a sniper in a movie or at least do a photo shoot holding a gun and wearing the attire female snipers wear. (I know this is crazy but yeah ๐Ÿ˜‚)

15. Watch a live performance of Bruno Mars.

16. Visit South Africa.

17. Ride a bike and a motorbike.

18. Volunteer a lot.

19. Read a lot of books.

20. Go hiking.

21. Have a fancy dinner party or a sleepover with my girls.

22. Fly in a parachute or hot air balloon.

23. Plan a very successful wedding.(mine or someone’s)

24. Have a massive makeover.

25. Throw my mum a grand black and gold themed birthday party. She deserves it.

26. Spend a weekend at a spa. (22nd January, 2017)

27. Have a well paying job.

28. Spend a week in a remote village with no electricity. I just want to have a feel of life without stress from all electrical gadgets.

29. Perform on a live stage, be it singing or dancing (although I suck at both) or acting.

30. Throw myself an awesome 30th birthday party.

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So there you have it. Won’t you give it a try too? Let’s see what you want to achieve before you hit that particular age.


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