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“Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever.” Emily said and dropped her fork into her plate. She sipped some wine. It was New Year’s Eve and she was having dinner with her family.

“I agree with you, mum. I can’t believe Christmas is over” Roger chipped in.

“I’m going to miss the carols, the smell in the air, the gifts and the togetherness the season brings.” Marlene added.

“And the snow. And the story surrounding the birth of Christ. And Santa and all the decor. Do we really have to wait for a whole year to experience Christmas again?” Little Jasmine said dramatically which sent everyone on the table into fits of laughter.

Bart cleared his throat after laughing so hard. He was the father.

“Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind” he told them.

Four pairs of eyes watched him intently after his statement. He smiled.

“Christmas can be any time of the year for you if you want it. The season may be over but it can still snow in your hearts. The togetherness the season brings can still be practiced. You can still receive gifts and give them out when Christmas is over” he went on.

The whole room became quiet as he spoke. Not even the sound of cutlery hitting plates or glasses clinking could be heard.

“Jas, you mentioned Santa. Well, I agree that Santa will be gone for a year and the carols Marlene mentioned will also be gone. But the main reason for Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Christ. Santa, the decor and carols make the season jollier and festive. But in their absence, the reason for the season can forever remain in your hearts till Christmas comes along again” he concluded.

“Interesting. I wonder why you’ve never mentioned this” Emily said and clapped.

“Because you’ve never mentioned anything concerning how fast Christmas fades away until today” he said as he looked at his wife lovingly.

“Whoa dad! You’re amazing” Jasmine said.

“I used to think like that too, until one day, I voiced it out and Grandpa Allen gave me this same lecture. It has proven to be valuable” he told his daughter. Grandpa Allen was the children’s grandfather, Bart’s dad.

Marlene and Roger nodded in admiration as they mentally noted down the lesson they had just learnt. They were sure to pass it down to others.

“Now let’s finish up dinner real quick and make it on time to church” Emily said.

“And let’s propose a toast. To a merry every day Christmas” Bart suggested.

Glasses were raised and five voices said in unison “Merry every day Christmas”

The sound of clinking glasses and laughter filled the air.


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