The holidays have been fun with lots to drink and eat and cool places to hang out. I’ve actually lost track of time. It’s Christmas, people! Merry Christmas! Without taking much of your time, let’s continue with the challenge. I’ve missed a lot of the days.

Day 22 says “Book”. I’m thankful for this book, “The Alchemist”. It’s an amazing book with valuable lessons. If you haven’t read it already, I advise you do. You’ll enjoy reading it. 

Day 23 says “Feeling”. Mmm, I’m quite lost with this one. Lol. But I’m thankful for the feeling of being loved, accepted and appreciated by family, friends and loved ones. Nothing beats that feeling. It’s a very great one.

Day 24 says “Photo”. For a photo freak like me who is always capturing moments shared with loved ones, I’m thankful for several photos. The photos I’m most thankful for are my family photos. They bring such joy and light to my heart. 

Day 25 says “Luxury”. To me, having a family to rely on, a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat, air to breathe and even having life itself are all luxuries and I’m so thankful for these. Where would I be or what would I do without these? Nothing and nowhere. It’s with great joy that I call these luxuries.

Day 26 says “Charity”. I’m thankful to all the people and organisations out there, who engage in charity work. The world needs more people like you to ease the burden of others and to put a smile on people’s faces. A very big congratulations to you and pat your back if you engage in that often. We all need somebody. God bless you.

Day 27 says “Song”. I’m so thankful for a medley by Joe Mettle (an anointed worship leader) which is in Ga (a local Ghanaian language). That song touches my soul, motivates me and always draws me closer to God. It has always been my source of inspiration in my down times and during early mornings and late nights. It’s an amazing and powerful song.

Finally, Day 28 says “Gift”. Whew! December has been an amazing month full of gifts and I’m thankful for each and every one of them but the ones I’m most thankful for are the new sets of clothes I received a couple of days ago from an aunt. They’re really beautiful and I can’t wait to step out in them. 

Thanks for reading and have a very Merry Christmas! 


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