I’m late. Pressure keeps mounting up on me these days but the challenge must and will go on.

Day 18 says “quote”. This quote “It’s not over until it’s over” is responsible for many of the things I haven’t missed out on in my life. Ever since my 12 or 13 year old self came across that quote in a magazine, it has become my philosophy of life. I’m thankful for it because it pushes and motivates me to strive for the best. There was this time in Senior High School that I wanted to apply for a position in the Editorial Board for our school magazine. I was scared at first judging from the kind of people who had already tended in their applications. I waited till the very last day for applications to be closed because I wasn’t sure of myself and had given up. I felt a lot of time had passed by. And just about two hours to the deadline, I suddenly wrote my application and submitted it. When I got to the office where the application letters were being dropped, the man responsible for vetting the letters was gathering the envelopes. When I dropped mine, he looked at the clock and smiled. “You’re just in time” he said and added my letter to the rest. Three days later, my name was pasted on the notice board as the General Secretary for the Editorial Board. There are many other instances but I’ll stop at this one. So, until the invigilator says “stop work” don’t give up, keep writing. Until you cross the finish line, keep running. Until God calls you into his bosom, keep striving for the best in this life. It’s not over until it’s over! 

Day 19 says “clothing”. For the first time in this challenge, I don’t have a favourite. I love all my clothes with the different colours, sizes, lengths and styles they come in. I’m thankful for each and every one of them. They make me who I am and represent my style and outlook on life. 

Day 20 says “keepsake”. My favourite keepsake is my golden necklace my mum got me when I made it into University. It’s been five years now and it still looks as good as new and I don’t go anywhere without rocking it. It has become a part of me and I usually feel empty anytime I forget to put it on. It has gradually become my signature look and is popularly termed “the A chain” by my friends because the pendant is an ‘A’ which represents my name, Amanda. I’m thankful for it because it always reminds me of my mum’s love and how proud she is of me.


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