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The harp hummed it, the bells boomed it, and the choir chanted it: Christmas was here!

“Merry Christmas, everyone” Mr Crosby said as he ended the service. The congregation chorused a “Merry Christmas” in response and the choir began to sing “The Little Drummer Boy” softly. People exchanged greetings and pleasantries. 

Little Nate beamed with a smile as he stepped out of the church hall, following his mum closely. Service was finally over and he couldn’t wait to get home to enjoy everything that was waiting for him. He breathed in and out and exclaimed “I love Christmas!”

His mum smiled at him and watched with joy as he took in everything around him. Nate lived for Christmas. He loved everything about it; the snow, hollies, candy canes, candles, Christmas tree and lights, Santa, carols, cake and especially, hanging out stocking for his Christmas gift.

“Well Nate, we’re home now. I guess you can’t wait for your Christmas chicken” his mum told him as they took the bend that led to their house. He nodded and raced to the door to open it. He couldn’t reach the knob.

“Not so fast, boy!” his mum said and opened the door for him, smiling widely. If Nate were smart enough, he’d have realised how suspicious his mum’s smile was.

“Surprise!!!” came voices from inside when Nate entered and he couldn’t believe his eyes when his two little cousins, Rob and Tom ran to him with their mum, Auntie Leah following them. He least expected to see them. 

He turned to his mum and said “you’re the best mum in the world” and ran off with his cousins to open gifts and play around. 

Later, as they all sat down to have Christmas dinner, he prayed. “Thank you God for a wonderful Christmas, an amazing mum and aunt and the world’s best cousins. This is the best Christmas ever.”

To Nate, this was all he needed to make his Christmas amazing. 

What makes your Christmas amazing? What are your fond memories of Christmas? What does Christmas mean to you? Christmas is here!


3 thoughts on “Christmas is here!

  1. Having my siblings around makes the feeling complete. Christmas is a time of thanksgiving for me; thanking God for his son, for his protection throughout the year, for family and friends. Christmas is indeed a wonderful time of the year! 🙌

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