Hello there, I deliberately missed yesterday’s post because I felt it would be too short to publish and so like I’ve done before, I’m merging it with today’s.

Day 14 of the challenge says “something new”. I’m thankful for the new pairs of shoes I received just two days ago. I’m loving them already and can’t wait to rock them. They already look good on my shoe rack.

Day 15 says “experience”. Phew! This year has been a very challenging year for me and I’ve received a lot of disappointments which I hardly experience. I’ve always had everything the easy way; good grades, gaining admission easily into institutions, among others. After coming out of school, life has hit me real hard and things have not gone the way I thought they’d go. I’ve written applications after applications and been to quite a number of interviews but I’ve ended up being disappointed. I’m grateful for this experience because it has taught me that life is not a bed of roses and things will not always go my way. I’m still holding on and being hopeful and I believe that soon, everything will work out just fine. In the meantime, my hope and faith are being strengthened and I’m still trusting in the Lord. I want to use this post to encourage anyone out there who can relate to what I’m experiencing. Life has its ups and downs and very soon, your situation will turn around. God will show Himself mighty and you’ll smile again. 

Till the next post, it’s bye for now.


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