So I missed yesterday’s post. I was so busy and by the time I was free, I was extremely tired. Without much delay, let’s move on to today’s post. I’m combining Days 12 and 13.

Day 12 of the challenge says “gadget”. Well, I don’t own much gadgets and the one I’m most thankful for among them is my iPod touch. I received it as a gift from an uncle last year and since then, I don’t go anywhere without it. It performs all functions of an iPhone with the exception of making phone calls. I usually type most of my WordPress posts on it and due to its portability, it comes in handy wherever the inspiration may strike. And for a photo addict like me, I take awesome selfies and pictures with it. Lol. Not forgetting all the apps, music, games and movies I have on it which entertain me when my phone is off or when I’m away from my laptop.It’s a very great gadget and I appreciate it so much.

Day 13 says “something old” and without thinking twice, I would like to say I’m grateful for an old dress I’ve owned since I was 7. My dad got that for me on my birthday. It’s a lemon green dress with orange flower patterns and is made out of a very soft material. Only God knows how many times I’ve stitched the torn and worn out sides of that dress. Lol. I still wear it (only to bed) even though it looks very small on me and no amount of pleas from my parents to discard it have changed my mind. I always make sure to keep it in a safe place in case anyone in the house gets a funny idea of discarding it. Hehe. That dress is dear to my heart and I’m thankful for how it has grown with me through all these years and still fits.


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