Today’s item on the 30 Days of Thankfulness list got me smiling; “pair of shoes”. I’m a shoe freak. I love shoes, especially heels. I’m thankful for all the shoes that I have and in the varieties they come in. The very high ones, the not so high ones, the flat ones, the peep toes, the wedges, the sandals, the full shoes etc. I’m grateful for each color they come in and the way they complement my clothes. This post just made me realize how blessed I am to have all those shoes. 

My favourite pair of shoes

My favorite among them are and will always be my pair of nude, ankle heels in the picture above. I got them as a graduation gift from my auntie and they’ve remained my favorite ever since. They are comfortable to balance in and complement a lot of my clothes. I keep praying they never get spoilt and if they do, I’d have to go searching till I find the same pair and in the same color. Lol. I’m thankful for them; they make my feet beautiful.


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