Day 4 of the 30 Days of Thankfulness challenge says “Favourite snack” and I must admit I’m having quite a hard time choosing a favourite out of the whole lot. From the fries, burgers, noodles, down to chicken wings, any of these would do for me since it’s quite easy to access or prepare them.

My favourite among the snacks would be any ripe plantain recipe and kelewele tops them all. For those of you wondering, kelewele is ripe plantain cut into small diagonal shapes and then spiced (with pepper and other local spices) and fried. The spices give it a nice taste and flavour and it goes really well with roasted peanuts.

Kelewele and peanuts

I enjoy the normal fried plantains and roasted plantains too. They also go well with roasted peanuts.
I’m grateful for these foods because they are readily available, affordable and very filling. You’ll find them on every corner of the street and you can easily make them.

Normal fried plantains. Photo credit:
Roasted plantains and peanuts. Photo credit:

Thank God for plantains!


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