Hey there you all, it’s been quite a while. It’s not my fault, I’ve been busy “bridesmaiding” (if that’s even a word, lol) and helping out with a very close friend’s wedding. Now I’m back, so let’s do this.

I came across a 30 Days of Thankfulness challenge on Twitter just this evening and decided to engage in it because the Lord has been gracious this year. We’re in the last month of the year and what better way can we show appreciation for the little and great things we have than to choose a few moments of every day of this month to reflect on them.

So Day 1 says “Person” and I’ll choose my mum. I appreciate everyone around me but my mum’s sacrifices and love can be compared to none. I admire her tenacity and the effort she makes to make life comfortable for the family. I’m thankful to God for her life and her forgiving heart. We have our misunderstandings and fights but she forgives me the very next moment. I’m thankful for her care, patience, kindness and selflessness. She’s indispensable and as the year comes to an end, I pray for more grace upon her life and longevity.

I know this post is late but I really hope you all take this challenge into consideration and participate. Show God how thankful you are to Him. Should I expect a post from you, Joseyphina? 😉


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