Him: Heya

Her: Hi boo. What’s up with you? 

Him: I’m good. Trying to finish a plate of rice here.

Her: Foodie. You won’t even invite me.

Him: I’ll forward your share to you soon. Lol.

Her: Your big head okay?

Him: How was your day? 

Her: Tiring. There was too much work in the office today. The only thing that I enjoyed was the buffet. You know that principle in our office, once we hit our target for the month, we have a buffet.

Him: Yeah. And then you get eat to your fill and send me pictures. And yet you call me a foodie. You see your life? 😂

Her: Lol we’re both foodies and I couldn’t send pictures today because I was extremely busy. But trust me, I enjoyed the food. How was your day? 

Him: My day was fun and interesting. There wasn’t much work to be done. 

Her: Now you’re making me jealous. What made it fun? 

Him: We had a party in the office. A big one. It was my boss’ birthday and we had loads of fun. 

Her: You don’t say. How I wish I were present.😤

Him: You enjoyed your buffet and I enjoyed my party. Draw draw. Lol.

Her: Draw draw, who says that these days?😂😂

Him: Leave me alone. For some strange reason, the ladies were shying away from the food and drinks and so Sam and I were put in charge.

Her: Oh my God.😂 You just cracked me up. Do you even know how to serve? 

Him: Keep doubting me. You should have been there to see me. The cake was so big that we had quite a big portion left so people ended up taking extra. Seeing the rest go waste made me kinda miss you. I know you’d have done justice to it.

Her: Awww. You have no idea how I’ve been craving velvet cake these past few days. 

Him: Lol it was a velvet cake. 

Her: Oh my! Stop telling me. 😩

Him: Haha. Tomorrow’s Friday. How about us meeting after work to grab some at your favourite cake shop? 

Her: Yassss. I’m in. Then we’ll go to Trixie’s afterwards to eat their special vegetable rice. My treat.

Him: Ha! You want to outdo me, right? 

Her: Of course. Say yes.

Him: Okay oo madam.

Her: The next time you call me madam, you know what will follow. 

Him: Haha I saw that coming. What are you doing?

Her: Lying on my bed. Still waiting for the plate of rice you promised to send. Lol. 

Him: Keep waiting.

Her: Meanie. Where are you now?

Him: I just got to my room. I’m about to lie down.

Her : Alright. My eyes are heavy. 

Him: Lol. I’m surprised you’re still awake. Goodnight then. See you tomorrow.

Her: Goodnight.😘

Him: 😘😘

And then life happened…..

Her: Heya.

Him: Hi.

Her: How are you doing?

Him: I’m okay. You? 

Her: I’m fine.

Him: Okay.

Her: It’s been quite a while and I wanted to say hi.

Him: Yeah. Thanks for checking up on me.

Her: You’re welcome. What are you doing? 

Him: Nothing. You?

Her: Sitting outside. So what’s up with you?

Him: Nothing much. I’m just around. You?

Her: Same here.

Him: Okay. 

Her: Later then.

Him: Okay.


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