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Hello there, in case you missed the first part of the story, you can find it here.

Yaw sat behind his desk and wept. For some time now, nothing seemed to be working for him. He kept losing jobs. For the past seven years, he had been switching jobs. The longest he had stayed on a particular job was eight months. Either he was framed for something he didn’t do, or he made costly mistakes which cost him his job. With the capital he gathered over the years, he had settled on importing vehicle parts for distribution. His business seemed to be doing well on a steady basis. Finally, he felt everything was under control.

Then some months into the business, things started going awry. Sales did not add up, the goods he imported were sometimes not up to number or damaged and all these affected his profit. To make matters worse, Jane, his girlfriend of six months had bolted away with a substantial portion of his money. She lied to him that she wanted to use the money for a business and would repay him once she started making profits. Unknown to him, she was a fraudster and upon receiving the money, ran off with it. Just this afternoon, he received news that the vessel containing his goods had sunk at sea.

He wept like a baby and did not even notice when Reverend Aidoo, his regular customer, entered his office.Reverend Aidoo realized how distraught he was and engaged him in a conversation. After listening to him pour his heart out, he prayed with him and thus advised him

“Yaw, the solution to your problems is simple”.

Yaw sat up.

“You have wronged someone greatly and that person has still not forgiven you. The only way out of these misfortunes is to obtain forgiveness from whoever it is” Reverend Aidoo told him, purchased some items and took his leave.

Yaw pondered on what Reverend Aidoo had said for a while and started thinking deep. Then it suddenly dawned on him who he could be referring to. It was Ann. Things between them had ended on a bitter note and he hadn’t set eyes on her ever since he pounced on her years ago. Now that he had figured out who he had to seek forgiveness from, the next problem was where to find her. He had heard about her marriage and also knew she had moved from her old vicinity. He hardly came across any of her friends anymore. It was as if she had taken every aspect of her life away with her. She had blocked him on all the social media platforms as well and there was no way he could get to her.

After weeks of searching, he finally got the address to her new house from an old mutual friend who was a bit hesitant to give it out. He drove to the outskirts of the city the next day. This part of the city had a lot of residential buildings due to its serene atmosphere. It was a Saturday. It wasn’t long before he found himself in front of the house that was supposed to be Ann’s. He met two identical little girls playing in the lawn. He didn’t need to be told that they were Ann’s daughters. They looked so much like her. They immediately got up to leave when Yaw approached them.

“Hold on girls. I want to ask you a question” he said.

One of the girls stopped while the other kept walking away.

“Bella, mummy warned us against speaking to strangers, remember?” the one who kept walking suddenly stopped to say. She was Betty.

“Yes she did but let’s hear him out, Betty” Bella said.

“I don’t want to. He looks like a bad man. I’m going to tell mummy” Betty said and run into the house. Bella looked at Yaw sympathetically and ran after her sister.

He stood there in amazement. They were so cute and he wondered how come they were so fluent at such a tender age. He guessed their age to be either five or six.

Suddenly, the door flew open and there stood Ann. Her expression changed from curiosity to surprise within seconds. Yaw suddenly felt guilty looking at her and tears filled his eyes. He regretted ever mistreating her in the past. She walked over to him, with her daughters tagging along. She looked more beautiful and more matured. All the resentment she felt for him diminished with each step she took towards him. Yaw looked so pathetic and wretched and the spark he once had in eyes had been replaced with weariness. She felt pity for him.

“How did you find me?” she asked when she got closer to him.

“Won’t you at least offer me a seat?” he asked.

Ann pointed to a seat a few yards from him and instructed her kids to go inside and took a seat across him waiting to hear what he had to tell her.

Yaw fell on his knees and began begging even before he narrated his story. Amidst sobs, he narrated his plight to her and the reason why he had come to see her. Ann was weeping by the time he had finished telling his story. She felt so sorry and guilty because she had no idea that her unwillingness to let go of the past was destroying his life. Not only his but hers as well because life hadn’t been rosy for her during the past seven years.

“Yaw, it’s okay. I forgive you and I promise you that I have nothing against you anymore” she said when she finally found her voice to speak and felt a heaviness being lifted off her heart.

“Just be mindful of how you treat people and try as much as possible to end things on a good note with people. You never know when you would need them” she added.

Yaw knelt down and thanked her for her kindness. He asked about her life in the previous years and what she had been up to. It was through their interaction that Yaw also found out about her problems and how her marriage was almost on rocks. He sympathized with her and encouraged her to never give up. He left moments later, hoping for a turnaround in his situation.

A few days after his visit to Ann, he received a call that the sunken vessel had been found and most of the goods had been salvaged. He was also going to be compensated for the damaged goods. He was beside himself with joy after hearing the news. A week later, he got called back into his previous job where he had been framed for misappropriation of funds. The real culprit, who turned out to be his assistant at work had been caught. He handed over his import business to his younger brother who used to assist him. Jane was also arrested by the police some months later and the remainder of his money which she had on her was given back to him. Things went back to normal for him and he never ceased to use his painful experience to advise people.


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    1. Yes they do happen. I’ve come across someone who accused another falsely and incurred the bitterness of that person for ages until he lost everything of his and even tried committing suicide. It was a timely intervention that saved him and he had to apologise to the person before getting his freedom.
      Thanks for reading 😊😊

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