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Hi guys, I’ve been MIA for a while but I’m back. Here’s a story to make up for my absence.

A beautiful mirror, once broken, becomes a dangerous weapon. – Unknown. 

Ann met Yaw in her third year in the university through a study group. They instantly became attracted to each other and hit it right off as friends. Ann liked Yaw for his intelligence and his easygoing nature. Yaw also liked Anna for her calm and affable nature. They became inseparable and shared deep thoughts and conversations. Eventually, Yaw proposed to Ann and she gladly accepted.

Things moved on smoothly with their relationship till Yaw started making unnecessary demands on Ann. They were in their final year. At first, he complained of Ann not being interested in PDA and told her he was getting fed up with her because of that. Ann, who loved him so much gave in to his demand because she loved him so and had to bear the uncomfortable public display of affection. Months later, Yaw started demanding sex from Ann.

Ann blatantly refused because she had made a strong resolve never to engage in premarital sex. Yaw started shunning her company and refused to answer her calls and messages. Ann grew distraught because she had become attached to him and couldn’t stand the friction between them. Against her will, she walked up to him one day and gave herself to him. She was convinced that her relationship would be saved through that.

As Ann expected, their relationship got back on track and they were at peace again. Yaw occasionally made sexual demands from Ann and she gave in to him, sometimes halfheartedly. She knew it was wrong but because she loved Yaw so much and couldn’t let him go, she still went ahead with it.

Suddenly, the unexpected crept into their relationship. Yaw got tired of Ann and dumped her during their last semester on campus. The issue came as a big blow to Ann since she least expected that from Yaw. She found it hard to let go because a part of her had become so used to him. She kept going back to him and threw herself at him but still got rejected. This affected her studies and she flunked so bad in her final exam that, it affected her final grade point average. She still managed to graduate but with a poor class. Yaw on the other hand, excelled and graduated with a first class.

Ann became really bitter and set out on a path to destroy Yaw who seemed to want to have nothing to do with her anymore. She stalked him and showed up unexpectedly at places where he was, just to spite him. On a date with a girl one day, Ann appeared from nowhere and sat on a table across them and made sure he noticed her. Yaw felt nervous and distracted and couldn’t concentrate on the conversation he was having with his date. His date noticed his uneasiness and turned around to find out why he was acting weird and couldn’t concentrate on the conversation. When she turned, lo and behold, there sat a young lady (Ann) sitting provocatively with part of her shirt unbuttoned revealing her cleavage. Ann flashed her a mischievous grin. Yaw’s date got infuriated and walked angrily out of the restaurant, leaving him so confused and looking stupid. Ann smiled sheepishly, winked at him and left the restaurant.

Another time, he was making out with a lady in his car and suddenly got startled when he heard noises and turned around to find Ann smiling sheepishly at him at the backseat. It was an awkward situation and the lady Yaw was making out with opened the door and stomped off. It took patience to prevent Yaw from hurting her. He dragged her out of his car and threatened to harm her if she didn’t leave him alone. This however didn’t stop her from destroying his chances with other ladies. She kept showing up in the most inconvenient manner and at inappropriate times and Yaw wondered how she managed to pull that off. She always ruined his plans.

One day at work, he was questioned by his boss about the whereabouts of some documents he was supposed to submit that morning. He was so sure of doing the work assigned to him but the documents were nowhere to be found. He was issued an ultimatum of two hours to reproduce the work he had painstakingly used a month to prepare. After two hours, when he couldn’t finish the job, he was fired. With a glum face, he packed his things and headed for his car. After placing his stuff in the booth, what he found on his car seat sent chills down his spine. There on the car seat lay shredded pieces of the documents he was looking for earlier. He stared at them in disbelief, trying hard not to cry.

“Who could have done this?” he muttered to himself.

Ann suddenly passed by in her car, honked and winked at him. Yaw nearly lost it and watched in disbelief as she drove away. It was obvious that she had a hand in it.
The subsequent weeks and months, saw Yaw writing application after application and moving from one company to another. After over six months, he still wasn’t getting any response from the firms he applied to. He had applied to over ten companies and yet none had called him for an interview. He kept checking his mail but there was no response from any of the firms he had applied to.

One morning, while sitting and pondering on his next move, he received a call from one of the firms he applied to. He jumped out of his seat immediately and entered his room to find clothes to wear. He had just been informed that a mail was sent to him a week ago asking him to attend an interview today at noon and he still hadn’t confirmed if he was going to make it hence the call to confirm his interest. He agreed and asked if he could reschedule the interview but he was told today was the only day he could be interviewed. 
He desperately needed a job so he quickly prepared and left. On his way to the interview, he wondered how come he hadn’t received any mail from the company. After giving it much thought, it finally dawned on him that Ann could be behind all this. He quickly remembered that he had given her the password to his email during the time that they were dating and she probably still remembered and so she kept logging in to delete his important mails. He arrived at the place of the interview, giving excuses as to why he hadn’t replied the mail. The interview went well even though he was not so prepared for it.

He drove straight to Ann’s workplace after the interview and confronted her. Ann smirked when she realized he had finally noticed her activities. This infuriated him more and before he knew it, he had landed a slap on her face followed by some blows. Ann started shouting for help. There was an intervention and Yaw was dragged away from her. Ann felt so humiliated and wept bitterly. She decided never to cross his path again and the bitterness she had against him intensified. She simply could not forgive him for taking away her virginity and dumping her afterwards.


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