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Dear Mum and Dad, 

I’m grateful to God for making you my parents; it just couldn’t be any other people. I want you to know that I appreciate all you have done for me up to this stage in my life and for continuing to care for me. Words cannot describe how proud I am to call you my parents and you’ll reap whatever investments you have made into my life very soon.

I’m thankful for nurturing me from infancy to this stage of my life. From watching me take baby steps, to the moment I started teething, through my adolescent years and to this moment of my life, you’ve both been pillars. I thank you also for giving me an education. The best gift parents can give to their children is to grant them the ability to read and write. I thank you for ensuring that I read books, lots of them, which opened my mind. That’s the best gift ever.

I thank you for making my life a comfortable one for my brother and I and for doing your best to provide for us. Even though life wasn’t perfect, you strived to make ends meet to cater for us. I thank you for the strict upbringing and for not sparing the rod which has helped to make us disciplined. And many thanks for teaching us how to have fun and for taking us to many interesting places. Thank you also for making our birthdays special and cheering us on and motivating us to achieve great things. Most importantly, we’re grateful to you for leading us to Christ and letting us know Him.

We will definitely leave the house to start our own families but that does not mean you will be forgotten. We’ll carry the values and traditions you taught us to our new families and continue with the family’s legacy. God bless you for your efforts and we’ll continue to make you proud. 

Your little girl,



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