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Hello today,
I thank God for granting me life to see you. As I step out of my bed, I’m meeting you with a smile and I know all is going to be well. You’re here once again to help me start afresh and to continue with what I couldn’t finish the previous days. You’re going to provide me with twenty four hours to do all these and I hope you move at a pace that I can catch up with.

Sometimes you move too fast. I wake up and before I know it, you’re gone. Sometimes too, no matter how I’m itching to let you pass by, you move slowly. There are times that you bring so much joy and laughter and sunshine and there are times that everything goes wrong and looks gloomy. And I must admit that you’re very unpredictable and changeable and I appreciate that mysterious part of you. One moment you’re dry and the sun scorches so much, the next moment it gets dark and windy, and yet another moment it’s threatening to pour heavily. That has taught me to prepare to face you at any point in time.

Some days bring memories and others just pass by being uneventful. The days I feel happy and on top of the world are the days someone elsewhere feels gloomy and sad and while you’re dull and uneventful in my part of the world, you’re active and full of energy at another part of the world. While you give in to the night here, the night is also giving in to you elsewhere and this shows how amazing you are.

I thank you once again for presenting yourself to me. I appreciate you and I’m going out to achieve whatever is on my mind and make good use of all the opportunities you present my way. I hope by the time you’re ready to give in to the night, I’d have achieved most, if not all of my plans and I’d have a smile across my lips as I prepare to rest and wait for you tomorrow.

Yours always,



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