Dear body,

Or should I say buddy, because you’ve been my buddy ever since I was born. You’ve stretched, expanded, sometimes shrunk and been through so many changes from my childhood and you’ve seen me through my worst moments and my best moments. I want to say thank you for protecting my soul and I thank God for creating you this way and for the fact that you have given me a unique identity. I’m grateful for the advantages and talents you’ve given me because you’re shaped in a particular way and I wish I could mention all your parts one after the other to thank you but just know I appreciate each and every role you play collectively.

I’m sorry for the times I overworked and starved you, for the times that you needed rest but I was on the go and the times I lay down lazily when you were itching to spring into action and I thank you for never giving up on me during those moments. There were times however, that you lost your strength and I fell sick but you got back on your feet immediately I cared for you and treated you. I’m sorry for the times I spent in front of the mirror analyzing you because certain people passed certain comments and I let them get to me and upset me. I’m sorry also for the occasional burning, cutting and pain I caused you and for exposing you to dangerous and harmful situations sometimes.

You deserve better treatment than what I’ve been giving you. You deserve pampering, exercise, love and kindness and more healthy good. A weekend getaway at a spa won’t be bad. 😉 I just want you to know that I appreciate you. You’re what makes me me and I’ll continue to treasure and treat you with love and respect. I’ll keep you safe and in good health every day. I pray God grants you the grace to carry me through this life and cheers to longevity !🍷🍷 

Your buddy,



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