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Hi there everyone, I’m back again with my wedding tales. Today’s topic isn’t going to be on a wedding trend. It’s actually something we’re all used to seeing. However, there’s a dilemma, and I would like to seek your opinion on the matter.

Wedding cakes! We’ve seen them all. The big, the small, the very high ones, the colourful and well decorated ones, the plain ones, the expensive ones among others. But have you stopped to ask yourself “Why wedding cakes? What’s the significance? Why do we cut wedding cakes?” You haven’t, have you? I bet you’ve not given it much thought. 

Wedding cakes have a significance, otherwise they won’t be a part of any wedding plan. I’ve always known a wedding cake to be the centerpiece of a reception and the cutting and sharing with the invited guests to be the main deal. I also know that cutting of the cake by the couple and feeding each other with a piece of it, represents the fact that a couple is giving their all to each other and by eating it, they become one. Not forgetting how great an album will be with an image of the couple cutting into their cake.

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To understand the symbol of wedding cakes and the reason for this long-standing tradition, I asked a lot of questions and did a lot of research and came out with some pretty interesting facts. These are the responses I got from people, and a few of my findings:
The cutting of the cake becomes the first task executed together by the newlyweds. The groom placing his hand over the bride in cutting the cake symbolizes his support over his bride and the bride allowing the groom’s hand over hers, symbolizes her willingness and ability to take care of her husband and the home. 
Once the cake has been cut, they feed each other with the first slice. The cake signifies nourishment and by feeding his wife, the groom pledges to provide food and other resources needed for the upkeep of the home. The response from the bride by also feeding the groom is her pledge to care for the home. Note that when feeding each other, they are not supposed to touch each other and this symbolizes the performance of their roles without assistance from each other. With this established, I hope you all now understand the importance of the wedding cake and why this has been an integral part of every wedding.

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Now, the dilemma!
My uncle is getting married soon and preparations are underway and of course, yours truly is involved, helping out and chipping in small details when necessary. Everything has been going on smoothly till my uncle suddenly broke the news to us that his wife-to-be says she doesn’t want a wedding cake at the reception. Her reason? She says it’s not necessary. The question on everyone’s lips after learning about her request is “how possible?” My uncle, knowing the significance of the wedding cake (I forget to tell you that he even enlightened me on the need for a wedding cake) won’t hear of it and is even more than willing to foot the bill of the cake. The bride to be on the other hand, is also saying no. It will be both their day and so one of them definitely has to compromise.

I’m still surprised and honestly, this is the first time I’m hearing this and if my uncle decides to go by her request, then this is going to be the very first time that I’ll be attending a wedding where there’s not going to be a cake at the reception. Who do you think should compromise? 

Kindly give me your views and suggestions. I really need to hear your responses. 

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12 thoughts on “Wedding Tales: To cut or not to cut!

  1. That’s quite a dilemma indeed. Haven’t heard of any bride to be refusing green to have a cake at her reception. Maybe she’s not into cakes or she’s not comfortable with the feeding of cake to him with everyone watching on that day. But I hope she would reconsider.

    And about the feeding part where they are not supposed to touch each other, I don’t really understand the significance about doing their duties without each other’s assistance. Because I know that sometimes circumstances change and the woman provides for the home and the man helps with the home management too when the woman is ill or something. Does it mean it’s wrong?

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    1. I was also wondering about that. But I think probably it signifies more of the willingness of each party to do their part supposed there isn’t any assistance from the other. And as you stated with a change in who provides and who manages the home now, the question will be what is the part of each one dependant on that couple.

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      1. When circumstances spring up, I think there’s no problem with helping each other but if one shirks his responsibility and burdens the other, it becomes a problem.

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    2. About the feeding part, I also didn’t get it at first but we can look at it from the angle where circumstances change. There’s a condition so the other can step in, but in the case where they’re both able bodied and one decides to shirk his or her responsibility, it becomes a problem. I think that’s what that part seeks to explain.

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  2. Wow. No cutting of cake. I would have said all right if I hadn’t read the post first. After reading and all I’ve learnt, I just dunno. I hope they agree on something amicably tho…no spoiler to the love for the d-day…lol

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