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Dear little me,
Just look at you, so cute and adorable without problems and a care in this world. Life is so simple for you and both mum and dad are at your beck and call. How I wish life would continue to be this good but unfortunately, it won’t. Don’t worry, I’m not scaring you but I’ve seen it all till this stage of my life and trust me, it won’t all be rosy but the good times are definitely going to be more than the bad times. In case you’re wondering, this is the twenty-something version of you, writing to you.

You’re going to love books because mummy loves them too and she’s going to introduce you to lots of them and along the line, you’re going to start writing; stories, comics and the like. The library is going to be your second home and books are going to be your best friends. At your young age, you’re going to read wide.

You strongly dislike maths but amazingly, you’re going to be an accountant. Surprised? Well, I still am and your love for books and words are going to be replaced by figures and annoying principles and logic which you’ll hate till maybe forever. Because of this, you’re going to stop writing for a long time but you’ll pick it up again, just that you’re going to struggle with it for some time.

Due to your kind and naïve nature, you will trust people easily and end up getting hurt, disappointed and taken advantage of by people. You’re going to make friends who will teach you lessons that will make you think twice about befriending people but you’ll meet a few amazing ones who will prove to you that there are actually good people out there.

After a long time of being an only child, you’re going to get a baby brother and most of the benefits you’re entitled to will cease. Then you’ll take on the big sister role and protect your brother. You two are going to have different personalities and often fight but you’ll stick up for each other. Although you aren’t born into a typical Christian home, there’s going to be a turnaround and things are going to change. You’ll start attending church with your parents and start getting involved in church activities. Even with that, you’re not going to have a personal relationship with God till you encounter a trying situation and God will prove Himself faithful and that’s when you’ll give your life to Him.

You suck at singing and dancing and trust me, it still won’t change. Your love for cakes, parties and the least chance to dress up won’t change at all. Lol. You’re still going to be scared of riding bikes and you’ll never lose your frankness and assertiveness. A lot of changes however, are going to occur in your life till you get to this stage where I am. Watching you from here, I wish I could help you change certain decisions you took but no, I’ll hold back and watch you make them. Going through all the experiences will shape you and make you the strong person that you are today. They will be worth it.

Stay strong, stay focused, make the mistakes, correct them and start all over, and most importantly, never let anyone look down on you.

Much love,

An older you!

Is there anything you’d like to tell your younger self? I encourage you to write it down. Thanks for reading


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