Naturally, I’m adventurous and I love going on road trips to places I’ve never been before. Sightseeing excites me and I always make sure I take and keep photos of the places I visit to remind me of how much fun I had. Interestingly, I have a group of friends who share in my interest so occasionally, we plan and hit the road for exciting adventures.

Two weeks ago, we visited the mountains of Aburi, specifically a breathtaking place called Lansdown and oh boy, I loved the place. The atmosphere was serene, the air was fresh and crisp and nature was at its best display. In case you’re wondering, Lansdown is a resort in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

For this week’s photo challenge, I’d like to share with you, three photos that illustrate a quest. 

From where I stood to take this shot, I could see the mountains high up and wondered what it would feel like, hiking up there. 
Daydreaming in front of the pool. Wondering what lies ahead of me. 
Admiring nature and longing for an adventure beyond the long stretch of land in sight. My imagination was running wild.

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