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Hi there you all,
I wonder what you’ve been up to all these years and whether you’ve changed. I hope you all get a hold of this letter to know how “great” you once were in my life.

Let me start with you, the three siblings. It was no fault of mine that my mother entrusted the little me into your care, thinking you’d protect and care for me. She felt us being in the same school meant she could relax and take care of other things while you took me to school. Your job was only to pick me up in the morning and bring me back after school. But what did I get from you all? Beatings and insults, especially when my tiny legs couldn’t keep up with your pace. There were times when I was so tired and needed to be carried causing me to slow down and yet you’d all gang up on me and beat me up and even leave me behind till I’d start crying before coming back to get me. And oh, how you used to drag me. Hm! I’ll never forget how “sweet” you were to me when we were a few meters away from home and how you smiled innocently while you handed me over to my mother. I thank God for the day my mum decided I had to join the school bus. That saved me from the maltreatment.

And then to you, Mr-don’t-want-to-mention-your-name, I want to start by saying thank you for taking me to school in your car even though I know deep down inside your heart that you were unwilling. Once again, it’s no fault of mine that my parents didn’t have a car and decided to let me join your kids to school every morning when we moved to our new neighborhood. I still remember the angry expression on your face every morning and how I couldn’t be myself or even start a conversation with your children in your presence. And the few times I spoke up, the way you told me to shut up. After school also, when we were to be picked up, you’d buy ice cream and sweets for your children and leave me out. The few times you were “touched” to get me some came with grumbling and cold stares. I’ll never forget the day I was a bit carried away and played after school only to realize after some time that I’d been left behind. I vividly remember how I watched everyone go home till I was the only one left in the school and I cried because it was getting dark and I was afraid and hungry. I sat there till a good Samaritan passing by saw me and out of pity, helped me to call my dad and waited for him to come and get me before she left. That was the turning point and my parents decided it was better I went to school and came back on my own. I thank God for the day they took that decision.

I want to say to you all that I’m grateful for how things turned out. It taught me how to stand up for myself and trust me after these two incidents, I’ve become stronger and no one has succeeded in putting me down or making me feel less of a human. These experiences have also taught me never to leave my children in the hands of strangers. I’ll never want them to go through even a pinch of what I suffered in your hands. Writing this down has helped me to let go of whatever I had against all of you and I pray your children and grandchildren will never have to go through what I suffered in your hands. Most importantly, it has taught me never to look down on people and to treat everyone with respect and equality. I wish you peace wherever you all are. 

Best wishes,


Ever been bullied or maltreated? Have you gotten over it or you’re still holding on to the pain? Why don’t you write it down and let it off your chest like how Joseyphina invited me to do? It’ll help you a lot. 


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