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My dear one, 
I have made a mental note to show you this post on our wedding night. I want to start off by saying congratulations for meeting my standards, you’re one special kind of person and I’m glad you also chose me out of the lot. I pray our journey becomes a successful one, worthy of emulation.

One of the reasons why I decided to choose you is because you understand me and have patience with me. I’m quite difficult to handle and can be a mess sometimes and I know you know this by now. I hardly come across such people and so for you to be so down for me and tolerate all my attitudes makes you special. It’s my prayer that you never change and continue to be patient and understanding. Another reason is your love and zeal for God and I hope this doesn’t wane under the pressures life may throw at you. I’ll do my best to support you in your faith and I hope you do likewise because without God, our marriage may not stand the test of time.

I’m really excited to spend the rest of my life with you and I know this journey will be worthwhile. I can’t wait for us to do stuff like cooking together, washing together, taking loads of pictures and silly selfies and all the other fun things you can think of. Let us hang out often and visit lots of interesting places. You know I’m adventurous and really love traveling and sightseeing. I’ll also do my utmost best to be loving and supportive of your interests and aspirations. Let’s support each other to strive for the best and to make our home a happy and conducive one for our children. I hope you don’t forget my love for cakes, kelewele and chicken wings. Surprise me with them every now and then. *wink*

There are going to be hard and trying times, I know that for sure but please never give up on me and never raise your hands on me no matter how loud or annoying I might seem. We might get mad at each other and say many hurtful things but let’s make amends as soon as we can and never drag issues. Apologize when you’re wrong and I will do same. Let’s admit our faults and accept blame without pointing fingers. And most importantly, let’s keep our problems to ourselves and solve them on our own. Never should we invite a third party into our challenges.

Things are not going to be perfect but we’ll sail through. You’re my personal person and once I’ve found you, I’m never letting you go. Before I sign off, let me leave you with this post.  I’m still bettering myself till the day we meet. So till then✌

Your loving wife,


I’d like to end this post by  nominating Jorcil,  Afua AwoNii Lante and any other person who feels touched to pen down a letter to their future spouses. I hope you all accept the nomination.


19 thoughts on “Open Letter #2: To my future spouse 

  1. Wait! I was nominated and I’m now seeing this in 2017!!!!!!!

    Dear wife, please know that this is/was an oversight which I seek to correct with time.
    You must know lateness can’t be found in my armoury
    I know your kind heart will understand

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