Hello fam, it’s been quite a while since I posted something concerning Wedding Tales. Last week was quite a busy one for me since I had to support and attend the wedding of a dear friend, Alfreda. And so this post is dedicated to her. Have a blissful marriage Mrs Adamah. And oh, did I forget to tell you that yours truly caught the bouquet? Well yes, I did โ˜บ Okay! A very special thanks and shout-out to another dear friend, Beulah for granting me access to her pre-wedding photos. God bless you and have a fruitful and joyous marriage. And now to today’s post.

Pre-wedding photo shoots! Now this is a trend that’s got a lot of people talking and asking questions, especially our old folks. Some think it’s a waste of time and money and to others, it’s unnecessary. As to whether these views are true or not, let’s delve into the topic. At the end of it, we’ll come out with our own conclusions.

So, why pre-wedding photo shoots? 

The main reason for a pre-wedding photo shoot is to make your wedding photos come out better. Most wedding couples have never been in front of a professional camera and so won’t know how to act in front of the camera on their big day.

The pre-wedding photo shoot session is therefore a great way for couples to practice being photographed professionally. This helps them to feel more comfortable with the photographer as the photographer will get to know them better and get to know which angles and poses work well with them. This reduces stress and jitteriness on the big day and the outcome will be natural and beautiful wedding photos.

And while some couples are at it, they try to make it memorable and fun. That’s how come we see a lot of pre-wedding photos around with beautiful and amazing themes.

Photo credit: weddaily.com

For some couples, this is the time to play dress up and their creativity comes to play. Some dress up as people in the military, cabin crew members, site construction workers, teacher and student among others.

Photo credit: omgvoice.com
Photo credit: stories.my/why-shoot-a-pre-wedding

Others also choose to tell a story through handwritten cards like I have here.

Some also use their personalities to choose their location. People who love nature will choose a park or garden for their shoot while the vintage type of people might settle for an abandoned building or a tourist site. And of course props are added to make the pictures come out great.

Photo credit: stories.my/why-shoot-a-pre-wedding

To some, places that hold history in their lives serve as their location, perhaps where they proposed or got proposed to, or where they went on their first date.

Photo credit: quora.com

And for the couples who don’t mind spending some extra money, they choose an overseas destination for the photo shoot. That’s where the expensive part comes in but it all depends on the couple and whether they can afford. So maybe a trip to the romantic streets of France, the ever lovely Disneyland and many other places you can think of, come to play.

Photo credit: pinterest.com
An amazing backdrop. Photo credit: slrlounge.com

The reason why pre-wedding photo shoots were not prevalent in times past is because there wasn’t much hype for professional photos. But in our modern technological world, things have changed. Everyone wants to have their wedding photos shot professionally and the way to make them come out just great is to try shooting a pre-wedding photo. These photos are even used by couples for their save-the-date cards, invitation cards, announcements and guestbooks.

Photo credit: omgvoice.com

Pre-wedding photos to me, is not a waste of time. It helps couples to create beautiful memories and illustrate their love story. If planned properly, it shouldn’t cost a couple much money. Some photographers even offer it for free or add it to the photography package at a discount. It all depends on who you choose as your photographer.

So for those planning your weddings, I hope when the time comes, you know why to go for a pre-wedding photo shoot and how to go about it. What do you think of this trend? Drop your comments and let’s get interactive. 


13 thoughts on “Wedding Tales: Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

  1. Oh interesting perspective! I had no idea people do it in order to prepare for their photo shoot on the D day. I figured it was to add to the wedding album. Thanks for educating me, Mandy. Whether it’s a waste of time and money, I think it depends on how one sees it. I personally don’t see it as something on my to-do list but that might change when the time arrives, who knows? Nice read by the way.

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    1. Oh okay. I’m glad you now know. Lol I forgot to add that it’s not a must do for anyone who wants to have a wedding but with each passing day, I’ve convinced myself to go for it and I hope you eventually change your mind when the time comes.๐Ÿ˜‰ I also agree with you concerning the fact that people think it’s a waste of time and money. It really depends on how one sees it.๐Ÿ‘Thanks for reading. โ˜บ

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