So this September is an open letter month and I got nominated by Joseyphina to participate in it and here’s my first shot at it. This open letter is dedicated to my favourite teacher. Here we go! 

Dear Mrs Williams,

Calling you Mrs Williams feels a bit weird because I’m used to calling you Miss Amoah. I hope you eventually lay hands on this letter I have penned down to you. Eleven years ago, when you walked into our classroom in Junior High (New Hope School) for the first time, I admired you for your radiating confidence and your good grasp of the Queen’s language.

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the impact you have made in my life. I am where I am today because of the solid foundation you laid for me in the English language. I enjoyed every bit of your class and the lessons you gave us. From the newspaper reviews, article and short story writing, through to the debates and the serious drilling we had from you in idiomatic expressions, antonyms and synonyms among others, you made those lessons enjoyable. One of the results of all those lessons is this blog I own today.

I also won’t forget those lashes I received from you on my back which kept me on my toes. “I’m in love with the back of students”, you’d say as you administered the lashes. The incentives and packages you offered to each of us anytime we excelled also boosted my confidence. I still remember the smile I had on my face when I was writing my English paper during the BECE. The paper looked so easy to me because you had prepared me well enough for it and it came as no surprise when I passed with distinction.

You were, and still are a good woman. And three years ago, when I met you at the Proofreading Department of Graphic Communications Group Limited, I wasn’t surprised at all. I was really proud to see you doing what you were good at by making use of your command of the English language.

I really appreciate all your efforts and may Jehovah bless you for your good work and I pray you find happiness in whatever activity you undertake. May you keep imparting knowledge into the lives of people and may that take you places.

Ever yours,


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