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Did someone close to you get married in the past year or just recently? How were you invited or how did you find out about the wedding? One notable trend when it comes to weddings these days is the style and design of invitation cards and how we get invited. Some time back, wedding invitations were solely on paper cards, sealed in envelopes and delivered to people. It was also through phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

In our technological age however, things have changed. These days, friends and loved ones invite us to share in their joy of their wedding through beautifully designed virtual wedding cards and distribute them on our various social media platforms, especially through WhatsApp and Facebook.

A virtual wedding invite

This however hasn’t eliminated the use of paper cards in inviting wedding guests. You wouldn’t want to look or sound silly by sending your wedding invitation to elderly and matured guests through WhatsApp or by tagging them on Facebook. It won’t speak well of you. It’s only proper to formally invite your matured guests like your pastor and elderly relatives through the use of cards.

More virtual wedding invites

Wedding cards give the style and a feel of what to expect at the wedding and paper cards have also not been left out in the whole wedding revolution. You’ll find really beautiful and uniquely designed wedding cards these days with different blends of fabrics, embellishments, laces, ribbons, stones, mirrors and even glitters. Printing techniques such as engraving and embossing have also been employed to give these cards a classy look. Also, the wedding colours are incorporated into the invitations alongside the use of multiple fonts to give them a superb look. 

Samples of modern paper cards. Photo credit:

With these interesting changes in invitation cards, I wonder what the future holds for us. We can only wait to see. 

I would like to end this post by giving special thanks to Bridget, Alfreda and Pearl for allowing me to use their invitation cards. God bless you and have a blissful marriage. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Wedding Tales: Invitations

  1. The virtual cards are now everywhere. You didn’t forget the invitation videos. Some apart from the now pre-wedding videos also do videos to invite friends. But I love things I can hold, pretty things so my friends will have to send me some pretty invitation cards, even if they print only three for the pastor and the two families…LOL.

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    1. Yeah very true. I even have one of the videos on my phone. Perhaps, I should edit the post and fit it in somewhere. Thanks for reading and also for the reminder. 😀

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