Everyone knows me to be enthusiastic about weddings. I just love the idea of finally getting someone to settle down with (it’s not my fault, I’m a hopeless romantic) and all the preparations that come with having a wedding. And sites like BellaNaija, I Do Ghana, Vimeo and YouTube have made access to wedding videos even simpler. With just one click, you’ll get lots of videos to choose from. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter also have a lot to offer when it comes to wedding pictures and videos. OneShot Studios and Possible Image, the two most popular event coverage firms are always up to the task and release wedding videos almost every week. So tell me, why won’t I love them? Plus the Vodafone X bundle has always got my back, although these days, they’ve been “killing” me softly.

Now let’s face it, weddings these days have been taken over the top. There’s been a lot of changes, some that I find interesting and others that I find so shocking. Gone are the days of mass weddings and wearing simple wedding gowns to have your marriage blessed. These days, a whole lot of pomp and pageantry have been added to spice up weddings and these things do not come easy. They come at a cost, making weddings of late become very expensive.

Due to my love for weddings and my keen interest in wedding trends these days, many of my friends “consult” me during discussions on weddings. I had to put the consult in quotes because I’m not an expert. I just love weddings.

So for the next few weeks, I’m going to share the new and interesting and sometimes shocking trends of weddings these days. And this will be from a bride’s perspective since the focus is usually on the bride. And during the journey, we’ll have debates, questions and fun facts on some of these trends. I hope you’ll all join in so we have some fun. Now sit back and let’s take this ride.

Author’s note: I’m neither a wedding planner nor expert. I’m just a young girl who loves weddings and all the fun that comes with them. Also, these findings are based on Ghana only for the sake of my readers and followers who are outside Ghana and therefore, might not relate.

Photo credit: Google Images 


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