“Amanda, stretch your arm this way”
“No that way”
“Aha, like this. Now look into the camera”
“Your smile is too wide. Adjust it”
“Stay in that position”
“Okay, one more”

Wondering what’s going on? Lol. Those are usually the instructions I receive from my brother during photo shoots. Boy, that guy can command. But I must say, I enjoy every bit of our photo shoot sessions. And one of the perks of being the sibling of a photographer is that I don’t pay for his services. ;);)

This post has been long overdue. Ever since my brother ventured into photography about ten months ago, I’ve always planned to put up a post about him and the amazing work he does and today being his birthday, presents the perfect opportunity.

My brother is artistic. He started with drawing portraits of people and animals and moved on to painting. Then some months back, he ventured into photography. In addition to that, he specializes in the design and printing of T shirts. Although he’s an amateur in the field of photography he’s doing well. The amazing part of it all is that, he doesn’t even own a professional camera. He uses just an iPad and some photo editing apps yet everything comes out great. I’m saving some money to get him a professional camera. Ain’t I a sweet sister?;) And when he finally lays hold on that camera, I can imagine what amazing works he’ll come up with. I can already picture him as a great photographer in a few years to come. Can I hear an Amen?


Today being his birthday, I wish him well and pray for success in all his endeavours. I also pray that he becomes a household name in photography and God’s plan and purpose for his life will come into fruition. Wondering how old he is? He turns 17 today. While people are stressing over photographers and the exorbitant prices they charge for covering occasions, “mada kraa” because I know my brother’s got my back. He’s even got my wedding photo plan figured out. We mean business here, okay. 😉

Happy birthday Evander!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎂 You can check out some of his works on his IG handle: quacy_photography


8 thoughts on “The Face Behind Quacy_Photography

  1. Surprised am I not that he’s even got your wedding picture taking planned out. He’s got a camera gbee picture taking freak for a sister, what better way to be blessed with model free of charge. Happy Birthday Evander

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