It’s been quite long since I posted here. I had to take a break for a while but I’m back. I found this really old post in my archives. It reminded me of those days when I started blogging and I decided to reblog it. Here you go!

MandieTalks Avenue


People have many attributes for God but to me, He’s the God of all seasons

He’s the rainfall in my summer
When the sun comes out
And is scorching,
He’s the refreshing rain
That quenches my thirst

He’s the green in my autumn
When leaves turn brown and weak
And fall off trees
He’s the only green leaf I see hanging on
To give me hope

He’s the sunshine in my winter
During cold winter days
When all are freezing,
He’s the only warmth I receive
To keep me going

He’s the joy in my spring
When plants begin to spring up
And animals pop out of their holes again
He gives me the assurance
That throughout the seasons, there’s always a fresh start

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