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Teddy doubled his steps as he approached the lecture hall. He was late and knew he would face the wrath of his hot tempered lecturer. He heaved a sigh of relief and thanked his stars when got there and found a young lady instead of his lecturer, addressing the class. He quickly slid through the back door and sat down.

His attention was quickly drawn towards the lady who had mounted the podium. She was very beautiful and her makeup was just about the right amount. He sized her up and realized how curvy she was too. Her voice was sweet and captivating and she spoke with confidence and tact which made everyone pay attention to her, even the noisemakers. She was contesting for the SRC (Students’ Representative Council) presidency.

What amazed Teddy the most was the fact that her speech wasn’t written down. She was speaking from memory and she did it so well. He looked on with admiration till she finished speaking and concluded with a “thank you”. Everyone clapped and cheered wildly with a standing ovation at the end of her speech. Teddy looked at the lady who he found out at the end of her speech was Genevieve, with admiration.

She suddenly started fumbling for something with her fingers. After some seconds, she found what she was looking for. It was a white walking stick and with that she made her way gently down the podium and was met halfway through by a girl who helped her further down the stairs. The look of admiration on Teddy’s face transformed into awe as he watched what was going on. The girl who spoke marvelously a few minutes ago was actually blind.

She had lost her sight, but definitely not her vision.


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