Need I say much? The picture says it all. Hehe. I stumbled on this picture some days ago and I can’t help but laugh anytime I look at it. Funny as it may seem, it’s very true.

There are days and moments  we go about our daily activities and get struck by an inspiration. We enthusiastically act out scenes and twist words in our head and promise to scribble them down only to be distracted by other activities. At the end of the day, we shove the idea aside and that’s it. Then we come up with all the excuses in this world as to why we can’t write or finish that piece.

Perhaps if we all had someone to hold a gun over our heads like what we see up there, we’d step up our game. What do you all think?


13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Muse

  1. That is one funny picture but yes it’s true. We used to play one game “police and thief” and used to mimic what we think robbers say, when we were kids “your money or your life?”. It was funny but I’m sure if one has a gun to one’s head and the holder says “your life or your write up”, you would write to save your life I suppose. A lot of the times, I won’t say it’s a block, we don’t complete works only because we are lazy. It’s ours so we can do as we please, that’s the mindset.

    So, in a thief’s voice, “Hands down! Your money or your write up?”

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    1. Haha that’s very true. Sometimes it’s laziness. We all need a push to overcome that. Hopefully, not a person armed with a gun ๐Ÿ˜‚

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