It’s the final day of this 3-Day Challenge and I saved the best for the last. The topic I’m about to touch on is Charity. I always get excited anytime I get the chance to help others. It doesn’t have to be much, but just a little push or help to keep someone going makes me happy. And the interesting part is, in doing so, you receive blessings. While you’re making someone happy, you’re being blessed. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal? It sure does. However, receiving blessings shouldn’t be your motive for giving. Give and give wholeheartedly and expect nothing in return.


Reaching out to someone or helping people is not so difficult as certain people think. You don’t require much to do so. You don’t have to be extremely rich or have all the time in this world to be a blessing unto others. Just the little money or time that you have can help make a difference. Pay special attention to the people around you and in your neighborhood, or the random person you meet on the bus on your way to work. Their utterances and demeanour say a lot about what they are going through. Those clothes you no longer need can be passed on to others. Those textbooks lying idly around could benefit that little boy and his friends in the neighborhood who are preparing towards their final exams. The smile you flash that woman you just saw struggling to control her son who is crying and misbehaving for everyone to see, could calm her nerves. And oh yes, charity isn’t all about giving out physical things. Kind gestures also count.


But don’t forget that before you reach out to those outside,those in your home must also feel the love. There is no need showing kindness to outsiders when the people in your home do not receive kindness from you. What’s the essence of smiling and being nice to a stranger when all your family members get from you are glares and indifference? “Charity begins at home” the quote we’re all familiar with, says. Let the joy and love start from within, then it can reflect outside.


With that said, the next time you’re in that waakye queue, look round to see if you could be of help to someone. Help that old lady or little children to cross the street when there’s no supervision. Put a smile on the faces of those little ones who look at you with admiration anytime you pass by. Give, give, give and while you’re at it, don’t grumble or frown when mummy sends you to get her something from that shop which is quite far from home. Be a blessing unto people. Stay blessed!





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