Imagine waking up one day and there is confusion everywhere. People are running helter skelter for their dear lives. Your family and friends are all on the run because nowhere is safe. All your possesions are in shambles and the luxury you have been enjoying suddenly comes to an end. There is a war! Uncomfortable and scary, right? Yes, that is how it will feel and with the happenings these days, we are not far from that (but God forbid because it will never happen). There are too many reports of violence in the news these days and it is not funny at all.


We need to maintain our peace as a country and we can only achieve that through understanding. It is disheartening to wake up nowadays to news about murder. Politicians and ordinary people are being killed due to political differences and misunderstandings. This has caused fear and panic in our lives as one may never know whether he is the next to be attacked. We are pleading with our political leaders to put their differences and their thirst for power aside and think of us. They need us like we need them.


As we are in an election year, I am pleading with all the citizens of this country to exercise patience and be tolerant of each other’s views and opinions. We may have different political affiliations but that does not mean we are different people. Ghana has set a record in the world as one of the most peaceful countries and we need to maintain that record. We can achieve it and it starts with you and I. And to my friends and readers in other parts of the world, let us drop our differences and love one another. Having our peace of mind to go about our daily activities is all that matters.

Have a blessed day people.




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