Personally, I don’t like sequels. I feel it changes or even “spoils” the story line. I wasn’t going to write one for this story but requests from some readers and constant begging from some friends pushed me to write this. I hope it pleases you all and as the title suggests, I have twisted it so well just for that effect. Hehe. In case you haven’t read the first part, here you go. Do read it before you continue.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. Thoughts of the dream kept running through my head and I was scared it would continue if I shut my eyes to sleep. I kept tossing and turning in my bed. I jumped out of bed immediately my alarm went off to prepare for church service. It was then that it dawned on me that I had eventually fallen into a dreamless sleep because I couldn’t recollect anything.

I picked up my phone to find another message from Martha telling me how disappointed she was in me for refusing to go shopping with her. “I’m highly disappointed in you Gina. I thought we were best friends. I’m through with you” came the message. I shrugged and dropped the phone to prepare for church service. I wasn’t bothered. I hade already made up my mind not to follow her anyway.


“What? Which kind of dream is that?” my mother exclaimed when I narrated it to her. We were on our way to church. I was driving and I could see the worried expression on her face through the rear view mirror.

My sister, Monica, who was sitting by me, gaped in awe.

“Is that why you were startled when I woke you up?” she asked.

I nodded.

“This is strange. We have to see Pastor Mark about this” my mother finally said after pondering over what I had just told her for some minutes.


We walked into Pastor Mark’s office some minutes after service and I narrated my dream to him and how I received a message immediately after the dream from Martha suggesting that we go out to shop. He sat calmly after I narrated my dream to him which contrasted with the worried expression on my mother’s face and the concerned look on Monica’s face.

“I see,” he said as he clasped his hands together.

“How close are you to this Martha girl?” he continued.

“Very close” I replied.

“Are you sure? And do you know her that well?” he asked again.

“Yes. Since our days in secondary school. We’ve been great friends” I said.

“I see. I’m about to ask you a question. You might have forgotten or not noticed but think deep” he told me which made me quite nervous.

“Ok” I replied

“What was Martha’s reaction when you first introduced Roger to her?”

I sat confused for a while. Then everything happened within the twinkle of an eye. It was like a flashback. I had failed to notice that Martha’s actions and certain comments she had been passing sounded suspicious.

Like when I first introduced Roger to her as my boyfriend. She looked unconcerned and quite bored but I assumed she was just tired or shy. Afterwards, she kept canceling our meetings with him because she was always “busy”. Roger found it strange as to why Martha kept avoiding him, because he had met most of my friends and knew her to be one of my closest friends  but I assured him that she was just shy.

Then I told her about my marriage to him four months ago. We were having lunch in her favourite restaurant I remember, when I broke the news to her.

“That automatically makes you one of my bridesmaids” I had said and smiled.

Martha, who never joked with her fries and chicken, left me sitting alone in the restaurant right after I informed her of my upcoming wedding, with the excuse that she had remembered that she had something urgent to attend to.

Weeks later, she called to tell me she couldn’t be my bridesmaid because something came up.

Martha had always wanted to get married first but made me promise her that in case I got married first, I would make her one of my bridesmaids and had constantly drummed that into my head.

“Between us, I’m the one who’ll get married first, come what may.” she had said.  “And in case you get married first, which I don’t believe will happen,” she paused and winked at me. “Make me one of your bridesmaids” she had concluded and we both laughed it off. Maybe she wasn’t joking after all. Come to think of it, since she broke up with Maxwell during our second year in University, no guy had ever come her way.

She hadn’t even played an active role in the preparations towards the wedding because her work was ‘demanding’ which I believed anyway.

I found it amazing how I had failed to realize that she was indirectly communicating messages to me through her actions.

Pastor Mark sat observing me while I pondered over all these. When I finally opened my mouth to talk, he cut in, “There lie the answers to all your questions and the confusion. I believe you understand what I’m saying. You don’t call just anyone your friend.You might probably have failed to notice all these because you’ve always had good intentions towards her. Don’t get scared because of that dream. God reveals to redeem. He only sent that dream to deliver a message to you.”

I nodded as I felt goosebumps all over my arms.

“I trust that you don’t believe in the reading of palms and fortune telling as God’s word says in Deuteronomy 18:10-12. We are warned against divinations and all the things that come with it.

Fear not, nothing will happen. We will pray for God’s will to prevail in this situation.” he encouraged.

After the revelation and his word of advise, we all became calm. We shared a word of prayer and left for the house. I was more determined than ever to carry on with the wedding. I had nothing to fear. I was however, very surprised and quite upset with myself for not reading between the lines.


On our way back, I narrated all of what I had remembered to my mother and sister. They wereboth surprised because Martha was one of my very good friends and she was very well entertained in our house.

“No wonder she hasn’t helped with any of the wedding preparations and has even refused to be your bridesmaid. I now get it” Monica said.

“So Martha did all these and you’re still keeping her as a friend?” my mother exclaimed.

I said nothing.

“And to think that I’ve been entertaining her all this while. Hmph! You better warn that girl to never set foot at the wedding else she won’t like what will happen to her. If she ever calls, hand over the phone to me. I’ll teach her a lesson.” she added sternly.

“Oh Mama. You’re taking things too far” I chipped in.

“Too far? You have no idea. You don’t take stuff like these lightly. If I were you, I’d start praying really hard. For all you know, she has cornered a con woman somewhere to feed you with these lies when you follow her to that so-called shopping. She’s jealous of your marriage. After all, she wanted to get married first.” she added.

My sister giggled. I laughed at her analysis of the issue for some time.

“You could be right.” I said after I pondered on it.

“Should Roger be informed?” Monica asked.

“I don’t think it’s necessary. Let’s keep it to ourselves. No one else should know about this. We should however, pray about it earnestly.” my mother warned.

We all agreed to it and promised not to say anything about it to anyone.

“And for your information, you’re going nowhere with that girl. What has she done to support you all these months of preparation for you to follow her to town? We’re all staying home to plan our next course of action. The caterer has backed out because she has lost her husband unexpectedly so we need to find an alternative before it’s too late.” she said as we entered the kitchen. We had arrived home by then.


The days rolled by and before we knew it, the week of the wedding arrived. The traditional wedding was very colourful and successful as many of my friends and loved ones attended to grace the occasion.

Two days later, my wedding day arrived. I woke up feeling good, happy and slightly nervous.

“Everything will be fine” a voice within convinced me.

I sat down attentively with joy in my heart as my bridesmaids and I dressed up for the wedding. There were snapshots all around the room coupled with jokes and laughter. Before long, we were done and we all joined hands in prayer as my mother placed the veil on my head.

My phone rang. I picked it up and saw that is was Christian, my big brother who was calling.

“Hello Gina” he spoke from the other end.

“Hello Chris. How’s the place now?” I said with joy. He was at the church and they were all waiting for me to arrive.

“Where are you now?” he asked.

“We’re coming. We just finished dressing up. Are we late?” I asked.

“No. I wanted to tell you to hold on. Roger and his friends are still not here. As at now, we all don’t know their whereabouts. We’re calling him but it’s not going thr……”

He barely finished talking when I dropped my phone and slowly sank to the floor. Everyone rushed to my side.

“Gina what’s wrong?” they chorused

Don’t worry dear ones, the final part drops next week. Stay tuned.


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