It’s my 23rd birthday. Someone get me some cake!¬†ūüéāWhoop!! It’s amazing how fast a year¬†passes by. I’m still collecting my thoughts on how¬†I feel. Just a year ago, I was so hyper about¬†turning 22 on 22nd December) and today, I’m 23.¬†How fast time flies.

screenshot_2015-12-22-23-32-23-1.pngI’m excited for this new chapter in my life though¬†I feel a tinge of sadness knowing that I’m¬†gradually leaving my childhood behind. I’m¬†becoming an adult and the responsibilities that¬†come with it are just so great but well, I’m¬†coping.¬†

Today, I’m sitting here and reflecting on the¬†past year and all that happened. God has been¬†good to me. He’s been so good to me. I have¬†tremendous things to be grateful for. I have a¬†wonderful family, good health, happiness and¬†love. But the most outstanding thing that¬†happened to me this year was the fact that I was¬†able to graduate from University. Graduation¬†looked impossible and I lost all hope but God¬†surprised meūüėĬ†I’m also grateful for readers like you who make¬†time to read my write ups.

screenshot_2015-12-22-23-32-09-1.pngI’m celebrating myself today. Not my accolades,¬†accomplishments, publications or anything¬†tangible but just for the fact that I’m still alive¬†to see this day. Cheers to that.

picsart_12-22-10.33.59-1.jpgAs I say goodbye to my 22nd year and embrace my 23rd year, I pray for more wisdom, confidence and patience (Oh yes! I need a lot of that). Lol.

screenshot_2015-12-22-23-32-46-1.pngSo tonight, when the clock strikes 6:43pm, I’ll be¬†toasting to an amazing 23 years and starting a¬†whole new journey. I look forward to celebrating¬†my birthday with you all every year. Thank you¬†for being a part of my world.screenshot_2015-12-22-23-31-56-1.png

Love, Amanda!


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