Note: This story is fictional. None of the events that took place in the story actually happened.

Philadelphia Writes

It was a bright Monday morning and I was rushing to submit my Commercial Law assignment when she crossed my path to ask if I could help her get her assignment ready before the 12 noon deadline to which I automatically answered ‘yes’. But for my ID Number that was printed on the cover page of my assignment, I would have given her my copy of the assignment to submit. She caught my attention at once with her boldness in speech and height.

We found out we shared a common mother tongue and that enhanced our communication. The ‘-son’ ending our surnames took a quarter of conversation that day. She confessed she has always prayed for a man with an European-like name like Wellington or Wilson. I could sense the excitement in her voice as she spoke about European names and I knew ‘Thompson’ was definitely lingering on her mind; Mrs. Nadia Ama Thompson (nee Dawson).

She was stuck to me the whole day as we researched through a list of English and Ghanaian Law cases on consideration and capacity. I honestly wished she would be by me forever. “What will be the consideration for spending my whole day helping her meet the deadline?” “Am I in the capacity to drive such a machine?” These were some of the ‘commercially unlawful’ questions running through my mind.

Time was not on our side and so she had to edit my work and present it as hers. Sacrifice number one! She requested for my number with the excuse that she would want to call me very early in the morning before our 7:30 lecture to thank me. I gladly gave her all my four contacts after which we said goodbye and we departed to our respective halls. I couldn’t take hers because I didn’t want her to see my iPhone 1-.

That night I couldn’t sleep. For the first time as a student, I wished we had less than twenty-four hours in a day. Eventually, I slept and when I woke up, I had missed three calls from a strange number…


Mandy Talks…

It was a Monday morning. I still hadn’t done the commercial law assignment which was given to us to work on over the weekend and was due today. I had spent the whole weekend chilling at my cousin’s engagement and wedding ceremony so I couldn’t make time to work on it.  It was due by mid day so I had to think of something really fast. I  dressed up and went to the business school still without my assignment.

Just when I was climbing the stairs, this guy in my class crossed my path. Suddenly, an idea crept into my mind. I faked a sad face as I approached him and begged him to help me with my assignment. He smiled and immediately agreed to help me out. My phone rang and as I spoke on the phone in my rich Ga language, he grinned. I got to find out after the call that he could also speak Ga. “Afa!” I screamed in my head, thinking of how lucky I was to have met him. I started thinking of all the ways I was going to use him to finish all my assignments for the semester.

I remembered how Okailey, one crazy cousins of mine, had recounted to me how she used most of the guys that came her way to her benefit during her university days. “Don’t slack oo”, she had added after she had finished telling me most of the stories of her days in university.

We went on to learn more about each other as we worked on the assignment together. He was smart too. I managed to find out he was Thompson so I went on to lie to him about how I loved such names. Names that ended with ‘son’. He looked so excited. If only he knew the plans I had in mind…..

As the deadline approached, I had to edit his assignment and submit it as mine. He willingly gave me his work and I looked on with smiles as my plan was already working it’s way into fruition. It’ll only be a matter of time and he’ll be at my beck and call. I took his number afterwards and promised to call him later to thank him. I didn’t want to initially, but I had to since I had plans of using him for all assignments we would be given. I took all four contacts he gave me and left.

Later that night, I contemplated on whether to call or text him but after some time, I settled on calling him. I called for the first time. There was no answer. Then I called a second time and there was still no answer. I was getting impatient because I already wasn’t so enthusiastic about calling. So after trying for the third time with still no answer, I stopped calling……


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