I penned this down as my days as a student of University of Ghana finally came to an end. My journey which started somewhere in September 2011, came to an end on the 23rd day of May, 2015. It has been a memorable experience for me and I wrote down this piece to congratulate all my friends who made it with me and to wish them all a goodbye.

A new curtain has been drawn down, the first batch of the four year educational system has finally come to an end.

The batch with many educational decisions and arguments..
The year group similar to samples and guinea pigs
We were the trial patterns of our educational structure in Ghana.

Schooling hasn’t been too smooth with the tough days, the stressful ones, the hilarious moments, the busy schedules and examination pressures. Not forgetting the experiences of all kinds and some relationships like nuggets of unpolished gold..

Life is full of different caliber of persons. There is a stage to exhibit maturity for stability, the era for thousands of friends and loved ones.. The point where one covers up for a friend. That awkward instance, where you’ve got no choice than to completely dub a friend’s work .. Some got their partners in churches or the  exams hall, others found theirs in clubs and group meetings.. Strangely some decided, they will only date after school.. A scanty number of successful colleagues dated several times before they got their right partners..

Life is like that, everyone has a different destiny.. Some will get jobs immediately after service, others will labour for years before finding a decent job to do.. But for those who have their hearts glued to that of Christ Jesus, their desires shall turn out to be realities..

In the world after school, some might cut off that bond of friendship, others will only give you a call wen they feel they need you most..  Truthfully, some will proudly give you an attitude when you try get close to them, probably because you don’t fall in the category they belong to at that moment.. Funny world! The essence of us human beings is to live life and  pass on.. “6 feet”, as people normally say. We shall all pass away at some point in time.. Remember I was that girl who gave you a pen in the exams hall when the one you just bought suddenly stopped writing..
Pride will carry us nowhere, only into shame and regret..

We are actually done with the academic part, but when you see me, even a wave will do, when I see you I will surely do same. Try as much as possible to build that bond of friendship, we are the new MDs to recruit one another.. For some of us, you will only hear of us on radio, others will be seen all the time on TV, and sadly, you will only hear of some others when their obituaries are being pasted for public attendance.. Such is life.. A minute of silence for those friends who passed on during school days, may their souls keep resting in peace.

A friend once said, ”life is too short to be serious all the time”.. A shout out, to the friends I had fun with, you helped me release enough stress.. And to those that helped me both academically and socially, you are a part of my success story.. And kudos to my spiritual leaders, they really kept me on a straight line..

I’m glad to be completing at this moment, it was too hectic… Thank You Father, you deserve all my praise..
Goodbye everyone. We shall surely meet someday; at weddings, parties, business conferences and the like, and we will look back and smile at those happy times.

God bless us all!!!


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