The cold season had ended. It was now time for Atsu to go out and find food for his family. This season’s cold weather was too harsh and had dragged on for a longer period of time so they had fed on all the food they had stashed up before the cold season started. There was none left and his family had started going hungry. “Where are you going?” his wife asked him as he peeped out of their hole house one morning to check the temperature outside. “To find food, of course” he replied. After making sure the weather was good outside, he bade his family goodbye and crawled out of the hole.

On his way, he met Boye, his neighbour and his two sons coming back from finding food. They were carrying a huge chunk of bread “Ei Boye! Where are you coming from?” he asked. “I went to find food for my family” he replied. “I’m now going. I hope I will get some of the bread” Atsu said. “Yeah I guess. There are a lot of ant families over there so I’d advise you hurry up before it gets finished. And the owner of the house has a visitor who just requested for sandwiches. If you don’t hurry up, the bread will be gone by the time you get there.” Boye said and moved on with his sons. “And where is the bread located?” Atsu shouted to Boye as he went. “On the fridge” Boye replied without turning back.

Atsu scurried along, climbed the kitchen cabinet and crossed the sink to the other side where the fridge was located. He met many families coming back from finding food. Most of them had bread. He gradually made his way to the top of the fridge and there lay the bread covered by a lot of ants all trying to get a chunk of it for their families. A lot of families had been really affected by the length of the cold season. They had all run out of food. He quickly joined them as they struggled to outwit each other to get some of the bread. They were so busy that they didn’t realize when the owner of the house stepped into the kitchen and found them all around her loaf of bread till she shouted “Ooww”. By that time, she already had a kitchen napkin in her hand and quickly shoved the bread with Atsu and all the other ants onto a dustpan. Before they could bolt away, she grabbed a can of insecticide from one of the shelves and sprayed it on them and walked out of the kitchen, complaining to her guest how ants had infested the whole bread and promising to buy another loaf of bread to prepare the sandwich with.

Atsu and his cohorts began to feel dizzy. The weak-willed ones suddenly gave in and died while Atsu and the others kicked into the air for dear life. Thoughts of how his family was going to survive engulfed him as his strength waned gradually. He looked on in sadness as his fellow ant friends died one after the other. The owner of the house suddenly appeared and lifted the dustpan and dumped the bread containing Atsu and the other dead ants into the dustbin. He slowly lost consciousness as she covered the dustbin.

A hero had died in getting food for his family.


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