It’s funny the kind of things you’re made to believe and do when you’re a child oo. Now that I look at it, my childhood days were full of deception just to get me do things. Hehe

I remember when I was a child, anytime I wanted to follow my dad somewhere, he would tell me to go and change into nicer clothes and that he would be waiting for me outside. As naïve as I was, I’d run inside to pick what I believed were nice clothes to wear, only to come back and realize he was long gone. Then I’d cry and throw a lot of tantrum till he came back. I had to go through that for about three times to realize that anytime he told me to go and change into nicer clothes meant he wasn’t willing to go with me.

I had this aunt who used to send me a lot. Anytime she sent me, she’d tell me to hurry up and that she was counting to a hundred and would start counting in front of me as I sped off at top speed to buy whatever it is she had sent me to buy before she got to hundred. I was always all joy when I returned and found her still counting and wasn’t yet at hundred. Not knowing, she did that just to get me to hurry up and stopped counting when I was an earshot away and would quickly start from any number the moment she spots me coming. I found this out one day when I decided to stand behind the door after returning from an errand to see how far she had gotten with the counting. After listening for a while, I realized she wasn’t counting and so I opened the door in disappointment. The moment I entered, she started “65, 66, 67”. It was then that it dawned on me that I was being deceived all that while by my aunt.

I remember when I was young, my grandma used to love having her grandchildren around during holidays and vacations. So almost every vacation and holiday, I was at my grandma’s end with my other cousins. I remember I had this cousin who was really hardworking yet my grandma would criticize her and call her lazy anytime she was asked to work, especially in my presence. Meanwhile, I hated household chores but my grandma would always praise me and call me hardworking and would compare our work always. I never really understood why my grandma always did that but that always boosted my ego and made me give off my best and work really hard to prove that I was indeed hardworking. It was just recently that I realized that my grandma was actually deceiving me into working hard by calling me hardworking. Lately, my brother complains a lot when asked to do something and the only way my mum gets him to do it is to compare the work I do with his work. In this case, I’m the lazy one and he’s the hardworking one and you should see how eager he gets to work anytime such a comparison is made. It’s sometimes very funny the way he goes about his work like an eager beaver. If only he understood.

I also remember how my mother would say “Let me hold it for you” anytime a visitor or relative dashed me money and how I was made to comply diligently to all instructions in the hopes of getting my money back only to be reminded in the end about the beautiful dress or shoe that was bought recently for me with that money. The tears I shed during those times have not been forgotten.

The things we were made to believe when we were children. Amazing!


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