a good name

Yesterday was the birthday of a friend, Felicia. I must admit she’s a very good and nice person. What drew me to her was her calm nature and cheerful disposition. We met as strangers a little over two years ago, on a bus to a church camp meeting. After a small interaction with her, we hit it right off to become roommates at the camp meeting and since then, we’ve become the best of friends. She’s one of the few friends I have, who have seen me at my worst but still accept me for who I am. After getting to know her for about two years now, I’ve noticed three distinct things that stand out about her. She’s respectful, humble and has mad love for Christ.

So yesterday, as is the usual thing that is done these days, I updated my status on WhatsApp, wishing her a happy birthday and changed my display picture to a picture of her. I called her afterwards and had a long hearty chat with her. A few hours after my picture and status update on WhatsApp, Edna, a friend of mine who hardly texts me sent me a message asking me whether it was Felicia she was seeing in my display picture. I was a bit surprised she knew her because Edna is an old friend from my primary school days and I met Felicia a couple of years back at a church camp meeting. I couldn’t find the link between these two. I replied in the affirmative telling her she was a good friend of mine and asked how she got to know her. “I know Felicia from secondary school, Wesley Grammar. She was my junior and the school daughter of a friend. She’s very respectful and humble”, she told me. I smiled after hearing that. Felicia is indeed humble and respectful and I admire her for that.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you all this. I wanted to base this on some simple questions I want to ask. How do people know you to be? Is your character something good or something that is despicable? Are you being your true self or you have different ways of behaving around different people? Do people admire you for being who you are or there is something questionable about your character? How will someone who has known you for a long time, describe you to a new friend you’ve made after seeing your picture in the person’s display picture? What do you think prompted Edna, someone who rarely texts me, to text me out of the blue to praise Felicia? It’s the level of respect and humility Felicia displayed to her some time back and probably, she has admired that about her all these years.

It’s actually a very good feeling and a good thing if people remember you for the positive things you did. The name you earn for yourself through righteous deeds is far better and more important than the name of your birth certificate. In Proverbs 22:1 of the Bible, it reads “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold” (New International Version). A good reputation, not material possessions will take you places. A good past makes an excellent future reference. A good name will secure what money cannot buy, earn people’s trust and opens doors of opportunity.

Let us therefore protect the good reputation we have and not tarnish or destroy the good name of someone else because it takes a short time to lose a good reputation but a very long time to regain it. I’m glad I have Felicia as a friend whose good name follows her everywhere she goes. What about you? Do you have a friend as such? Keep him or her close.


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