Five – four – three – two — one. Ta-da! The clock just struck 12 and guess what, It’s my birthdaaayyy. Hurraaayyy! God knows how long I’ve waited for this day. So today’s that day of the year where I get to feel so special and probably be the most special person on earth. The day I receive attention from everyone and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate myself and thank God for bringing me this far. My phone’s already buzzing with loads and loads of whatsapp and text messages and phone calls. The status updates and display pictures of some friends are making me blush. I never knew I had poetic and creative friends till today. Haha.

You might be wondering why I’m making so much noise about my birthday. Tell you what, my birthday has always been a big deal to me and I’ve never missed the chance to celebrate it, either with a few friends or with my family. But this year’s is extra special to me. What makes it extra special is that, today is 22nd December, 2014 and I’m 22. So I’m 22 on 22nd. Sounds great, right? Double two. Couldn’t be any better. Also, ever since I was born, I have never had the chance to celebrate my birthday in school but today, for once; I get to celebrate it in school and in college too. It’s going to be one interesting birthday save for the fact that I have exams to write the next day. But that still won’t stop me from having fun.

Looking back, I will confidently say that the Lord has been so good to me. There have been really good times, bad times, sad times, happy times, tough times, trying times, joyful times and what have you. But all these experiences have helped shape me into whom I am today and for that, I’m really grateful. Looking ahead, I see better days filled with hope, much expectation, higher sense of responsibility and great achievements. 22 is double two, so I pray for a double portion of every good thing in life as I step into the 22nd phase of my life. More grace to me. Amen.

Well, back to today. The birthday’s still on and I’m the birthday girl. Happy turn up to me once again. Cheers! I’ll have all the fun I want today and hope to receive much love from my friends as I spend the day with them, and then probably celebrate with a small party afterwards. It’s 22 on 22nd mehn!


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