This piece was inspired by the experiences of friends around me.

It starts beautifully and sometimes unexpectedly. Two people meet and hit it right off. First there is shyness as they both take time to study each other but after some time, they get used to each other through conversations and little times spent together. The bonding process begins as they get to know their similarities, likes, dislikes, fears and all.

Then they begin to spend more time with each other as the bond deepens. They are often seen in each other’s company as they begin to enjoy each other’s company more and more. Simple dates begin as they find little excuses to see each other. They make numerous phone calls to each other in a day and chat late into the night talking about nothing really. They tease each other a lot. Not forgetting the random “I miss you” text messages. And of course the random fights and arguments over silly, little and unreasonable things. Missing each other seconds after leaving each other’s side. Taking pictures, watching movies together, dates to random places and all the special things that two people who are into each other do. Before long, everyone recognizes them together and in a way, accept their union. Things progress and if they are lucky and are really meant for each other, they go a long way.

Down the path, however, things could change. A human’s heart is fickle and there is no such thing as forever. With time, this same lovely couple could be torn apart. Things begin to go wrong. The normal and simple fights over small stuff which they could easily solve become regular and unbearable. They begin to spend less time with each other and start drifting apart. One party complains and the other disagrees. Misunderstandings become the order of the day. The dates cease. Chatting late into the night suddenly comes to a halt. They spend less and less time with each other. They both sense a deep sense of loss and try to work things out. It works for a few days and then they go back to fighting. Tears begin to flow as blames are thrown in all directions at each other. Nothing seems to be going well as each day comes with new problems and issues. With time, they realize that things could never be the same again. They then have to come to the hardest decision; to let go. It’s not easy and can cause a great deal of pain and depression.

Afterwards, memories they have of each other keep coming back to them every now and then. Hearing music they used to enjoy together, seeing their favourite movies, viewing pictures taken together, stumbling on places they used to hang out together and remembering stuff they used to do together and all. These memories evoke emotions and tears flow. People begin to wonder what went wrong with them and what caused the separation. Sometimes they explain, other times they just shrug and move on.

Well, such is life and stuff like these happen all the time. You just have to muster courage and move on if it happens to you. It’s an experience. Life is beautiful and we sometimes meet people we really flow with and hit it right off but down the path, things could change and we’ve got to embrace it. It is only through experience that we learn.


3 thoughts on “Down The Path

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