Recently on our social media networks, news about the Ice Bucket Challenge, where celebrities pour a bucket full of ice on their heads and post the video online has spread very fast. The motive behind this challenge is to raise money to help eradicate a disease known as ALS, which is prevalent in the US and affects the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord of a patient, causing paralysis and eventually leading to the patient’s death. Those who refuse to partake in it will have to donate an amount of money to the ALS foundation to help support the cause.

Sadly, some of our local celebs have chosen to partake in this challenge while there are more serious issues affecting the nation like the recent Cholera outbreak which has claimed over 5000 lives in the last few months, and the Ebola virus which we are fervently praying against. The question I ask myself is, why do these celebs choose to neglect such pressing issues to partake in the Ice Bucket Challenge? Cholera is closer to us than this ALS disease. Lots of Ghananaians are dying of Cholera daily and not of ALS. And what is the main cause of Cholera? Filth! The filth in our gutters, our communities, our marketplaces and our nation is killing us.

In this light, a young gentleman has started a cause on Twitter, which has the hashtag #FilthCleaningCallenge to help curb the Cholera outbreak which is proving to be very resistant. This young man, whose twitter handle goes by @Rafurl, started this challenge as a suggestion and currently, it has gone viral with people nominating our celebs and themselves to partake in it. Lots of people are in support of this; I’m inclusive. This initiative is a very good one and I would like to commend @Rafurl for such a great idea.

This challenge is very simple and money saving. There is no need to waste water or electricity. All we need to do is to come together and clean. Clean our homes, our neighbourhoods, our communities, our streets, our marketplaces, our gutters. That is all there is to be done. If possible, as some have suggested, take pictures or videos of yourself and the group you clean with and upload them on our various social networks with the hashtag #FilthCleaningChallenge to increase awareness. People have already started partaking in the challenge. I know of Joselyn Dumas and her #XCholera campaign.

What about you and I? What are we waiting for? The time is now! Let us come together and do this. Yes, we can. Ghana needs us. Ghana is a dirty and filthy country and with our collective efforts, we can solve this problem. Let us take this #FilthCleaningChallenge seriously and it will go a long way to help us all. I will post updates of the challenge here very soon. God bless and strengthen us all for this challenge.



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